The Hottest Flooring Trends of 2022

Flooring Designs Trending in 2022

herringbone flooring pattern in rustic coffee shop

The hottest flooring trends are all about style and function. Designers want flooring types that fit their space, while taking in factors like acoustics, natural elements, function, sustainability and more.

From mix and match wood designs and patterned floors to natural elements and products designed for comfort, these latest flooring trends are perfect for a wide variety of spaces, including retail, hospitality, corporate, education and more.

Here are the top trends we are seeing in 2022:


Sustainability has become a big trend across all industries and flooring is no different. Look for flooring options that are FloorScore® certified; this is a certification program that tests hard surface flooring and adhesive products for compliance with indoor air quality emissions. Some flooring products may also be eligible for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) credits.

We continuously review our efforts to be environmentally friendly, but still deliver products that deliver on style, quality and function. All of our engineered hardwood products are compliant with the U.S. Lacey Act, which is a conservation law that prohibits illegal practices when it comes to wildlife, fish and plants. They are also compliant with CARB Phase II, a California-based act that focuses on wood products and sustainability.

Mix and Match of Wood Designs

Waiting area with a grey couch and mix and match wooden flooring.

Mix and match wood and wood-look flooring create a clean, upscale look. This also includes Scandinavian-inspired LVT and wood flooring. Our InGrained and Vertu collections feature a wood grain in various shades that are great for mixing and matching, allowing you to be creative and use this trend with our diverse LVT flooring design options.

Engineered hardwood is also a classic and effective way to add natural elements and elevate any space, such as lobbies, common areas and multi-family homes. Parterre’s engineered hardwood comes from only the most durable resources and features minimal knotting. Choose from a variety of beautiful white oak, maple, hickory and birch products. There are also no repeat designs in engineered hardwood, which means that each piece is truly unique.

Wood-Look Accent Walls

A small waiting area with a wood look accent wall.

LVT can be used for more than just flooring. If you want to add texture and visual interest to any project, consider creating a wood-look accent wall. Our LVT products are an ideal option due to their design aesthetic and durability. They are also low maintenance, easy to clean and don’t need a finish. Designs from the Avara LVT collection are Class A fire rated, meaning they have the proper certification to be used on wall applications in interior spaces.

Neutral Color Palettes


Another popular flooring trend, especially in corporate and retail applications, is light or neutral-colored flooring, which pairs nicely with bright pops of colors and vibrant hues often found in furniture and accent pieces. Hardwood flooring can help bring out other colors in the space since most contain hues of blushes, grays or blues.

Mix of LVT and Tile

multi-family community room

Think you have to stick to either tile flooring or plank flooring? Think again! One of the great benefits of LVT is the installation flexibility, allowing various designs to be mixed together creatively, as well as the ability to mix tiles with planks. All of our flooring can be mixed and matched, and with hundreds of styles, designs, patterns, textures and colors, you have nearly limitless possibilities. Take a look at our Fused and HardCore collections to see some great statement looks that are made with mixing and matching in mind.

Designing with Purpose


Using different types of flooring or designs to section off areas is a popular trend, especially as businesses and organizations look to continue designing for safety and comfort. Use different flooring materials, colors and textures to incorporate wayfinding into your designs.

Create visually separate spaces for collaboration or walkways using contrasting flooring colors or designs. We’re seeing warm, neutral tones in work areas, specifically for dot-commers, and bright, modern flooring for walkways and recreational areas.

Patterns & Abstract Designs


The pattern trend is here to stay. In addition to monochrome patchworking and multi-colored patterns, we are seeing an increase of herringbone and chevron patterns, which are perfect for retail, healthcare, hospitality and corporate spaces. You can also feature herringbone and chevron designs as an eye-catching accent wall to add visual intrigue and a splash of creativity to any space, such as a coffee shop.  Check out our Ascendant collection for a sampling of our LVT design options.

Designing for Acoustics

rustic taproom restaurant interior

In addition to aesthetics, function is also extremely important when designing a space. It can be frustrating when you are in a restaurant and cannot hear what the server is saying. On the other hand, whispers and giggles travel loudly in a classroom. When designing a space, it is important to pick a material and finish that will complement the space acoustically.

5mm LVT is the perfect option where acoustics are an issue. The thicker flooring solution absorbs more sound, resulting in a more relaxing and comfortable environment. 5mm LVT has become the product of choice in multi-family, hotel and hospitality spaces.

Creating for Comfort

multi-family communal area

Comfort is key, especially when it comes to flooring. It’s important to have a product that works with your desired design aesthetic but also feels pleasant beneath your feet. Our 5mm Loose Lay collection features specialized backing for sound absorption and comfort and is ideal for multi-family homes and senior living.

Natural Elements


Bring the outdoors inside with a variety of flooring products inspired by natural elements. Depending on your design project and desired aesthetic, the options are endless. Choose LVT that provides a traditional stone look but with a fresh and artistic design. Engineered hardwood can add a sense of natural sophistication and luxury while the look of stained concrete from our Fused collection offers a fresh take on city style.

A Variety of Flooring Types

There are a variety of flooring types to choose from. It’s important to consider things like cost, durability, sound absorption and sustainability when choosing a flooring type for your project.

LVT is a versatile material that comes in a variety colors and patterns like stone, wood and metallic and allows for endless customizable designs. It’s stainproof, durable, easy to clean and a great flooring material for any industry.

Engineered hardwood is a classic look that blends strength and resiliency with timeless beauty and sophistication. Just like with our LVT products, hardwood flooring is an ideal solution for practically any industry, including high-end retail, hospitality, corporate spaces and multi-family homes.

Another flooring option that we foresee in commercial spaces is woven LVT. Unlike rugs, this flooring option is waterproof, easy to clean and does not hold on to odors.

These 2022 trends are a great jumping off point for creative options in your next project. Check out our Inspiration section for more ideas on flooring designs. We love talking flooring trends and design. Contact us about your upcoming project – we have a passion for bringing a designer’s work from concept into reality and helping them to achieve and exceed their vision.