Parterre’s Room Visualizer

Turn your design vision into reality.

With Parterre’s Room Visualizer, see how each of our flooring and wall surface design options look in a commercial setting. Simply select a room scene from any of our industries with the desired flooring or wall design to visualize how our flooring fits into your project.

Design a Room

To get started:
  1. Choose a room scene from a variety of industries — Corporate Office, Educational, Healthcare, Hospitality, Multi-Family, or Retail.
  2. Select a flooring or surface design from hundreds of luxury vinyl designs and colors.
  3. Choose a color palette to appropriately match furnishings, wall and other surface areas to your design approach.
  4. Save, share or print a copy of your project mock-up. Large-scale print-outs are also available upon request.
  5. Easily order samples used in the design you create.
Try the Visualizer