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In such a fast-paced world, commercial flooring needs to be able to keep up with the most active of lifestyles while still being aesthetically pleasing. Parterre luxury vinyl and commercial engineered wood flooring work well in a variety of sports and recreational spaces such as fitness, yoga and dance studios, athletic clubs, and personal training and aerobic spaces. You’ll enjoy durable, easy-to-clean fitness flooring.

About Fitness Flooring

Beautifully Designed Flooring

Design & Style

In addition to providing long-lasting commercial flooring, our collections have endless design options ideal for all types of fitness flooring and recreational settings. Looking to take a yoga studio to the next level? The natural, welcoming design of engineered wood flooring can add calm and sophistication to your next health and wellness project. Whether you’re looking to bring a natural sense of zen or you’re searching for a more traditional fitness flooring look, we have plenty of design options to suit any space.



Parterre fitness flooring is built to last. Being in business for 30 years, our luxury vinyl flooring has outlived its warranty. Whether it’s a busy yoga studio, a gym locker room or an athletic club at a college, our commercial flooring products are durable enough to stand up to the heavy foot traffic typically associated with sports and recreational spaces.



The constant movement, moisture exposure, and use of heavy weights puts fitness flooring through its paces, but with Parterre fitness flooring, maintenance is minimal and cleaning typically only requires regular sweeping or mopping using a two-bucket system. And less time spent maintaining means more time using the floor for exercise and wellness. Luxury vinyl tile is a good choice for fitness flooring because it’s water resistant, and though hardwood is not recommended for an environment with a lot of moisture, it’s a great fit for yoga and light fitness studios.



Though fitness flooring sees a lot of use, minimal maintenance and cleaning translate to a greater value over time. And a fitness flooring solution with greater value results in cost savings for your client or company.

Our Clients Say It Best

“We knew we wanted the overall look of the space to feel more like a spa and less like a typical fitness studio, which meant the flooring specification would be crucial to get right. I love that this flooring product doesn’t scream vinyl and it doesn’t have a loud/contrasted grain to it. It really set the tone as we sourced the rest of the materials.” [Speaking specifically about Vertu Snowy Oak luxury vinyl flooring]

Jessica Klein
Interior designer, Oh, I Design

“I wanted the space to look sharp and modern. I wanted it to look exceptional. But on top of that look for flooring, I wanted it to be able to hide the wear and tear. I wanted beautiful flooring that actually holds up and that’s what I got.”

Andrea Rogers
Founder and Creator, Xtend Barre

We have commercial flooring experts who excel at finding the right fit for your next design. Contact one of our friendly and experienced fitness flooring professionals to discuss using Parterre luxury vinyl or engineered wood flooring for your next project.

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