9 Flooring Design Ideas For Your Client’s Office Remodel

Remodeling Your Client’s Office? Here are 9 Flooring Designs to Inspire You

With new flooring designs and furniture trends coming out constantly, it can sometimes be challenging to pick the right aesthetic for your client’s space and office flooring. Though office remodeling can be a stressful time, it can also be a fun process, rife with new possibilities. We have put together some trends to help you think of commercial flooring ideas for a newly designed space and flooring suggestions that will bring those ideas to life.

Here are nine flooring design ideas for your client’s next office project.

1. Residential is the New Professional

We are seeing the trend of comfortable and inviting home-like design in many corporate spaces and home offices. For this reason, InGrained LVT is popular in many office settings due to the warm and welcoming aesthetics that evoke a comforting feel. If you’re looking to add a sense of luxury and sophistication, choose from any of the species in our Wooded Habitat, Nurtured or Deeply Rooted commercial hardwood flooring collections. It’s beneficial for employees to feel more comfortable and relaxed, and being surrounded by familiar, home-like textures and surfaces helps to achieve this goal.

2. Color Matters

Colors evoke feeling. While the science isn’t quite conclusive, empirical evidence suggests that colors affect how we act and interact. As such, certain colors may be more appropriate for different business settings. Is the business analytical, data-rich and detail-oriented? In that case, choose a red tone like Havana Mahogany from our InGrained collection for your flooring design. Red is believed to encourage practical thinking and, from a customer’s perspective, red is a bold, confident color.

If the business focuses more on creative problem solving and imagination, blue is a good choice since it’s thought to promote creativity and comfort. Choose from our selection of blue-toned wood-look choices in our VertuLVT collection. Besides red and blue, the most well-studied colors are white for neutrality, black for strength and intelligence or yellow for optimism.

Another great option is to select a neutral wood species for your floor, like any of the colors in our Wooded Habitat, Nurtured or Deeply Rooted hardwood collections, and add pops of color with wall paintings, furniture, plants and other décor.

3. Diagonal Lines to Visually Open Up Glassed Areas

Glass walls and partitions are one of the latest trends in law firms and other businesses. A wide diagonal layout of LVT or wood flooring in an office can create the illusion of more space. This openness promotes teamwork and cooperation, and the modern, free-flowing layout will present an impressive and sophisticated aesthetic.

4. Visually Separating Breakout Spaces

While our previous tip spoke to opening up a partitioned office, the opposite flooring design objective may be preferred for office flooring options in a more open layout. Many offices are trending toward open areas, with freestanding or floating workspaces and breakout spaces for collaboration. Office flooring ideas that break up these large expanses with contrasting colors and textures can create a visual sense of separation while maintaining the inclusiveness of an open layout. For example, add hardwood flooring inside a stone-look flooring design to encourage a more relaxed, creative atmosphere.

5. Space (Or Lack Thereof)

Since the floor is typically the largest surface of an interior, a bold flooring design can transform an entire space, regardless of its size. Get creative with your commercial office flooring ideas. For example, you can use tone to manipulate the feeling of size. With dark-toned products like Wooded Habitat’s Distilled Hickory or HardCore’s Espresso, you can create a cozier atmosphere in a workspace designed for focused, individual work. Conversely, choosing a light tone like Ambient White Oak, Terminal Graybar or Infrastructure Glass will make the office feel more open.

6. Pattern

Installing your LVT flooring in a unique pattern can be a great way to add subtle texture even with a low-key design. Herringbone and chevron patterns from our Ascendant collection, for example, can give any office a sleek and sophisticated look in a subtle way. Here are some popular flooring patterns to consider:

FlooringDiagram7. Formal vs. Casual

A large part of a company’s brand has to do with its physical location. Choosing an office flooring design that reflects the ideals and character of the business is a great way to create a strong brand. If your client’s work is more serious and reliant on professionalism, some good choices might be Modern Teak, Fergana Walnut, or any of the rich, dark hardwood species from our Nurtured and Deeply Rooted collections. However, if your client wants a more laid back, contemporary feel, your commercial office flooring design could feature something distinctive like Canal Oak or Quarry Beech from our Vertu collection or Blushed Hickory from our Wooded Habitat collection.

8. Urban

City offices often embrace their surroundings. Planning a flooring design with an urban feel is one way to do that. You can opt for the look of a hard, concrete-look material like Concrete Pewter or other industrial flooring designs, such as products from our Fused collection. Or select a gray hardwood like Misty Birch or Laguna Oak for a more sophisticated urban feel. With so many LVT and hardwood flooring options, it’s easy to bring the city inside.

9. Push Boundaries

Working in an unusual or abstract space can be a challenge, but one way to push boundaries is to get creative with your office floor design ideas. Mix LVT with hardwood flooring. Run LVT or wood planks in unusual, random patterns to create a one-of-a-kind flooring design. Or use one hardwood species for conference room flooring and a lighter or darker wood tone for hallways and offices. Play with color possibilities and mix and match designs and styles — the possibilities with Parterre flooring are endless.

LVT can also go on walls; in fact, Parterre has a 2mm floor and wall collection, Avara, that is Class A fire rated for wall use. Applying LVT to wall surfaces is another way to add dimension and extend the space in a creative way.

Parterre’s artfully crafted LVT and hardwood flooring solutions provide many options for a sophisticated office interior design. To get corporate office design ideas for your next client’s office, browse more of our inspiration resources and order samples of your favorite flooring designs. And get in touch if you’d like to discuss bringing Parterre flooring into your next project.