A Trend Beneath Your Feet

Parterre Flooring goes Underground to take the look of concrete to a whole new level. A new luxury vinyl product from Parterre, Underground fuses together the concrete surfaces of an urban setting with a sophisticated, decorative print. The result is flooring with stone-cold good looks that works well with strong vivid colors, as well as neutrals.


“The inspiration for Underground came to our product designer as he was walking through the city and saw reflections of how the morning sunlight hit a concrete sidewalk, giving it a natural, weathered appearance,” said Parterre President T. Fred Roche. “From this seemingly simple observation came a unique flooring product with an abstract design punctuated by high contrasts.”

The cool feel of Underground, combined with the practicality of vinyl, make this the perfect flooring for a variety of commercial settings, especially corporate and retail environments. It’s available in an 18” x 18” tile size. Underground is designed to coordinate effortlessly with most any product in the Fused collection, as well as other Parterre products.

The Fused collection, which includes Underground, was inspired by the infrastructure, textures and cultures of the city. Like all Parterre products, Fused offers extreme style combined with the unsurpassed durability of vinyl flooring.

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