Chevron and Herringbone

Sandra Drake, Vice President of Sales

Break the Pattern of Commercial Flooring

You can add more flair to your commercial flooring by breaking from the look of traditional straight-line, square, and diagonal patterns. Eye-catching looks like chevron and herringbone will dot the designer landscape in 2024. These designs bring a new angle to commercial flooring.

And now, you can capture the look using luxury vinyl tile. LVT is increasingly a go-to choice for commercial flooring. And why not? LVT is easy to install and offers incredible scratch and stain resistance. The flooring is perfect for high-traffic commercial settings.

Equally important, LVT certainly doesn’t lack for design. You can select from numerous colors and natural looks like stone, wood, marble, etc.

Chevron and Herringbone Have a Rich History

Parquet flooring is made by arranging small slats of wood. Its distinct, repeating pattern has been around for centuries. Parquet floors graced Roman structures as far back as the 4th century B.C.

Fast forward to the 17th century, parquet designs were popular in the palaces of kings and nobles. But the design made its mark in Paris in the 1800s when it became available to even those outside nobility.

You’ve probably learned by now that history has a way of repeating itself. So say hello, once again, to parquet flooring design, especially herringbone and chevron patterns. You can expect them to be a popular approach to commercial vinyl flooring.

Herringbone Luxury Vinyl Flooring


Herringbone is a classic parquet pattern with a distinct “V” shape formed by interlocking rectangular flooring pieces. The pattern can be found as far back as the Roman Empire and its road patterns. But herringbone flooring has also been a staple in European design for centuries.

Herringbone’s ability to create a sense of movement and visual interest in a space makes it unique. The diagonal orientation of the planks adds depth and dimension. Due to its flexibility, you can use it to create traditional or contemporary interiors.

Brands like Parterre® offer herringbone luxury vinyl flooring that’s pre-cut. Its Ascendant™ collection features classic wood grain looks in oak, maple, beech, pine, and walnut. The herringbone LVT also features a 0.55mm micro bevel. That slight slope on the edge of each plank adds definition to the flooring.

Ascendant herringbone LVT looks like hardwood but has the benefits of luxury vinyl plank flooring. The flooring’s thickness is 20 mil, perfect for high-traffic commercial applications. Plus, it comes with a 20-year commercial warranty.

Chevron Vinyl Flooring


Chevron flooring doesn’t have quite the history of herringbone. This pattern has been a favorite in French chateaus and palaces for centuries. As you might expect, chevron adds an air of opulence and grandeur to a space. So, if making a statement is your goal, chevron vinyl flooring is a good starting point.

Although Chevron is like herringbone at first glance, it has a more pronounced “V” shape. Herringbone flooring puts the end of each plank to the side of another. However, chevron planks have precise angles to form a straight line. Each piece meets the end of another to create a continuous zigzag pattern.

Chevron vinyl flooring is particularly eye-catching when installed in a larger area. It adds a more formal appearance to the commercial space.

Parterre’s Ascendant Chevron vinyl flooring offers a similar collection of hardwood looks like its herringbone luxury vinyl flooring collection. It, too, comes in a 20-mil thickness and is backed with a 20-year commercial warranty.

LVT flooring options use dry-back installation. The adhesive creates the most stable, secure installation option for luxury vinyl tile flooring.

Why LVT Flooring is a Smart Alternative to Wood

No doubt, solid hardwood installations of chevron and herringbone flooring are stunning. Unfortunately, it comes with a higher installation cost. It takes time to cut the pattern precisely. Failing to do so can lead to wasted materials. Moreover, the flooring can lift, which can be of concern, especially in commercial installations.

However, using LVT to make those same patterns eliminates installation concerns while capturing the quintessential beauty of the chevron and herringbone designs.

Moreover, luxury vinyl is highly durable as a floor covering in commercial spaces. LVT is also resistant to scratches, moisture, and stains, making it suitable for high-traffic areas.

Luxury vinyl flooring in chevron and herringbone delivers a unique look while costing less than solid hardwood. You save on material, installation, and maintenance, all essential in commercial spaces.

Chevron and Herringbone Vinyl Flooring Fits Numerous Commercial Settings

Both chevron and herringbone patterns create a more regal, sophisticated look than traditional straight or diagonal flooring installations. So, it’s not surprising that design trends in 2024 find them appealing for commercial settings. And generally, LVT offers a high-design style at an affordable price tag.

Parterre has a long-standing tradition for commercial flooring applications. Its Chevron and Herringbone LVT flooring can help bring a new aesthetic to any commercial setting.

Ascendant’s Chevron and Herringbone LVT are at home in restaurants, hospitality, retail, and corporate settings. They can make a bold statement in lobbies, entryways, and waiting rooms.

Using our vinyl flooring visualizer, you can see how the LVT flooring looks in your setting. Take a picture of your space or use a sample setting to see how each color and pattern looks.

Or contact our flooring specialists to learn about Ascendant Chevron and Herringbone luxury vinyl tile.