Loose Lay Vinyl Flooring

A durable flooring solution for commercial interiors and multi-family settings, 5mm Loose Lay luxury vinyl flooring is simple to install and maintain with a specialized backing for traction to stay firmly in place after installation. Loose lay luxury vinyl layered construction offers water and scratch resistance properties, sound reduction qualities and comfort underfoot.

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Loose Lay Vinyl Flooring

Loose Lay Vinyl Flooring Benefits

Easy to Install

Easy to Install

Loose lay vinyl flooring requires minimum adhesive application; For spaces up to 20' x 20' in size, a perimeter adhesive is required. For larger spaces, applying adhesive in a grid formation is recommended.



5mm thickness and a 20 mil wear layer make this commercial flooring sturdy and reliable.



Specialized backing provides a natural sound barrier, and more comfort underfoot.


Easy to Maintain

Naturally water, scratch, stain, and scuff resistant, loose lay vinyl flooring can be cleaned with a broom, mop, or two-bucket system.

Beautifully Designed Flooring

Beautifully Designed

12 luxury vinyl flooring design variations give you options ranging from rustic wood looks to traditional and contemporary wood grains.

Unparalleled Durability

Parterre loose lay vinyl flooring is not only beautifully designed, it’s a durable solution for commercial interiors. Loose lay vinyl is unique with its 5mm thick construction, specialized grip backing and 20 mil wear layer making this LVT flooring option ideal for high-traffic areas.

Loose Lay
  1. Durable, Clear Wear Layer with Protective Polyurethane Coating

  2. Authentic Film Design

  3. Vinyl Stability Layer

  4. Vinyl Backing Layer with Specialized Traction

CONSTRUCTION: Solid Luxury Vinyl Plank



FINISH: Polyurethane Protective Coating

WARRANTY: 20-Year Commercial

Installation Guide

Parterre 5mm Loose Lay luxury vinyl flooring is simple to install and maintain with a specialized backing for providing traction to stay in place freely after installation. Adhesive can be applied around the perimeter for small spaces; a grid formation for larger spaces; or a full adhesive application may be used.

Prior to installation and for optimal results, it is important to discuss your installation with a Parterre Sales Representative and review Parterre’s Installation Guide for instructions and preparations.



For an installation space of 20 feet or under, a perimeter application is recommended. If the width or length of the installation space exceeds 20 feet, the use of a grid adhesive application is required. This will allow the installation space to have a stable border when installing the planks loosely within the area.



The substrate, adhesive and vinyl flooring must be acclimated in an enclosed building with the HVAC operational between 60-95°F (15-35°C), and between 30-65% relative humidity, for at least 72 hours before, during and after the installation. When installing over radiant heated subfloors, turn the heat off for 24 hours before, during and after installation.



Concrete, APA-approved plywood, radiant heated subfloors, existing well-bonded non-cushion-backed vinyl flooring, and more.


At Parterre, we are committed to more than just a beautiful surface. Striving to continuously improve the overall performance of commercial environments, we understand the importance of crafting commercial flooring and surface designs that deliver on style, quality and function — as well as sustainability.

Parterre luxury vinyl is indoor air quality certified, conforming to California Specification 1350, and offers a moisture barrier that prevents microbial growth. Our products are FloorScore® certified, phthalate-free and may be eligible for LEED and WELL credits. Health Product Declarations and Environmental Product Declarations are also available. For more information, visit our Resource Center.


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Loose Lay Vinyl Flooring Products

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Camilla Oak
Camilla Oak 5824
Halle Cedar
Halle Cedar 5682
Beckett Maple
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Silva Oak 5412

Warranty Information

5mm Loose Lay Luxury Vinyl Flooring: 20-Year Commercial Warranty

Parterre warrants all regular line products against manufacturing and material defects within generally accepted standards of the commercial flooring industry, provide that Parterre’s prescribed adhesives, installation, and maintenance instructions have been followed. The warranty starts from Parterre’s invoice date to its original customer, and covers only the original installation.

Technical Resources

Our commercial vinyl flooring and engineered surfaces are among the most versatile and durable vinyl flooring and commercial wallcovering options available.