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Luxury vinyl tile has made creating stylish and durable flooring installations easier than ever, but now LVT is also revolutionizing another interior design feature – walls.

Commercial wallcovering with luxury vinyl creates a texturized, three-dimensional and eye-catching feature that can take any room or space design to the next level. Make a visual impact beyond the floor with Parterre commercial vinyl wallcoverings.

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Benefits of Commercial Vinyl Wallcoverings

Fire Rated

Fire Rated

Luxury vinyl plank designs from the Avara collection are intended for commercial wallcoverings with a Class A fire rating for vertical applications.

Create Continuity

Create Continuity

Commercial vinyl wallcoverings are part of the Avara Luxury Vinyl Floor and Wall collection, allowing you to create a continuous aesthetic from the ground up.

Beautifully Designed Flooring

Beautifully Designed

24 wood look designs from exotic species to contemporary and modern wood grains.

Unparalleled Durability for Commercial Wallcoverings

Parterre luxury vinyl tile for commercial wallcoverings is not only beautifully designed, it is easy to install and maintain. Our wall-specific luxury vinyl has a 2mm thickness and is Class A rated for optimal performance in commercial settings from feature and accent walls to bar fronts.

Glue Down
  1. Durable, Clear Wear Layer with Protective Polyurethane Coating

  2. Authentic Film Design

  3. Sturdy, Sound-Absorbing Backing

CONSTRUCTION: Solid vinyl plank


FIRE RATING: Class A Fire Rated

FINISH: Polyurethane Protective Coating

WARRANTY: 15-Year Residential and 6-year Light Commercial

Installation Guide

While installing commercial wallcoverings using Parterre luxury vinyl is a straightforward process, all products are to be installed by installers professionally trained and experienced in current techniques and industry-accepted standards for professional installation of luxury vinyl.

Prior to installation and for optimal results, it is important to discuss your installation with a Parterre Sales Representative and review Parterre’s Wall Instructions for Installation.



Parterre Lateral adhesive intended for wallcovering applications is recommended.

Building Codes

Building Codes

Always consult local building codes for the exact requirements for the adhering of luxury vinyl to wall surfaces.



Drywall, green board or equivalent moisture resistant board with no seams, joints or visual imperfections.


At Parterre, we are committed to more than just a beautiful surface. Striving to continuously improve the overall performance of commercial environments, we understand the importance of crafting commercial flooring and surface designs that deliver on style, quality and function — as well as sustainability.

Parterre luxury vinyl flooring is indoor air quality certified, conforming to California Specification 1350, and offers a moisture barrier that prevents microbial growth. Our products are FloorScore® certified, phthalate-free and may be eligible for LEED and WELL credits. Health Product Declarations and Environmental Product Declarations are also available. For more information, visit our Resource Center.


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Warranty Information

Avara Luxury Vinyl Planks for Wall: 15-Year Residential and 6-year Light Commercial

Parterre warrants all regular line products against manufacturing and material defects within generally accepted standards of the commercial flooring industry, provide that Parterre’s prescribed adhesives, installation, and maintenance instructions have been followed. The warranty starts from Parterre’s invoice date to its original customer, and covers only the original installation.

Technical Resources

Our commercial vinyl flooring and engineered wood flooring surfaces are among the most versatile and durable vinyl flooring and wall options available.