Parterre Begins Manufacturing LVT

Parterre, which is French for above the ground and Earth, began working with manufacturers to create planks that could be used as flooring instead of the popular vinyl composite tile (VCT) and terrazzo. Designers were looking for a different aesthetic. LVT utilized the latest technology in order to offer greater options in terms of design and style.
Early 1900s
LVT Makes Its National Entrance

Parterre became one of the first major players in the LVT market and was one of the initial LVT brands to develop a strong relationship with LVT manufacturers. During this time, Parterre began specifying their products in large U.S. retail locations, paving the way for future growth and expansion.
Roche FitzGerald Is Hired as the Lead Product Designer

A second-generation artistic legend in the flooring industry, Roche FitzGerald developed an appreciation for art and physical composition from his father, who was an artist, leader in surface design and also Andy Warhol’s roommate.
Early 2000s
Parterre Leads the Way in Flooring Designs

While other companies were turning to their manufacturers for options, Lead Product Designer Roche FitzGerald led the way in producing original flooring designs, earning multiple industry awards and recognition for his LVT designs.
Early 2010s
Parterre Relocates Headquarters

Parterre moved from its original home in the Brooklyn Navy Yard in New York to a larger facility and warehouse in Massachusetts.
Debut of Avara LVT Flooring and Wall Collection

Designed for a visual impact beyond the floor, Avara’s dedicated LVT wallcovering designs are Class A fire rated for vertical applications. The collection features 26 LVT designs hand-selected from current Parterre collections and formatted into a 2mm thickness. Perfect for both flooring and wall installations, this collection is Parterre’s first wall product offering for commercial spaces.
Parterre Begins Manufacturing in the U.S. With QuickTrack Collection

Due to increased interest in its 5mm collection, Parterre opted to create a new product that combines the traditional, warm tones from the Avara collection with the durability and sound absorption that comes with the thicker 5mm LVT. This collection is the first of Parterre’s to be manufactured in the United States, which means it is readily available with reduced shipping times.

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Parterre Joins AHF Products

In January 2021, Parterre became a brand of AHF Products, a national flooring leader serving a variety of markets. AHF highlighted Parterre as an exceptional commercial brand that would add value with its extensive portfolio and design aesthetic.

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Parterre Introduces Three New Engineered Hardwood Collections

Parterre began offering commercial engineered hardwood with the debut of three new collections: Wooded Habitat, Nurtured and Deeply Rooted. Providing durable, yet artistic flooring products has always been important to Parterre, and now the company is able to offer even more design solutions to their customers.

Now as we look to the future here at Parterre, we are committed to expanding on our founding vision — creating innovative, durable flooring and surface products that are artfully designed to enliven interior spaces.

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