6-1/2" Engineered Hardwood

Width 6-1/2": Wooded Habitat Engineered Hardwood

Authentic hardwood straight from nature, the Wooded Habitat collection features flooring that ranges from light and modern to darker and more traditional, ideal for any multi-family environment. An affordable, artistic solution with colors and tones that flow easily from one space to another, all products are manufactured in the U.S.

Width 6-1/2": Nurtured Engineered Hardwood

Create a rustic, comforting atmosphere with a selection of classic colors and natural hardwood from our Nurtured collection, many products of which are manufactured in the U.S. Choose from a range of lighter to darker wood tones that will stand the test of time and elevate any design.

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Our luxury vinyl flooring has helped transform visionary concepts into the most radiant reality possible in industries ranging from healthcare and hospitality to retail and multi-family.

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