Introducing the New Nurtured Engineered Wood Flooring Collection

A natural, well-balanced collection perfect for elevating any space

If you’re looking to bring a rustic, comforting atmosphere to your next project, we invite you to explore the inspiration of Nurtured, one of Parterre’s three new engineered wood flooring collections.

The selection of classic, timeless colors and natural textures from Nurtured are the perfect addition to any space. Choose from a range of lighter to darker wood tones — many of which are manufactured in the United States — that will endure for years and elevate any design.

Features of the Collection

The Nurtured collection features a total of eight SKUs that include white oak, red oak and hickory. Choose from any of the beige, white, gray and brown tones to add depth and dimension to offices, lobbies and multi-family homes. Since these colors are timeless, they will coordinate with all colors and types of décor.

Nurtured also complements Parterre’s two other engineered hardwood collections — Wooded Habitat and Deeply Rooted — in addition to our existing lineup of LVT flooring products. Find all your commercial flooring needs in one place by mixing and matching Parterre’s engineered hardwood and luxury vinyl flooring for your next project.

Specifications and Installation

The white oak and hickory products are 7½ inches wide with a minimum length of 15.7 inches and a maximum length of 75.6 inches.

The red oak products are 6½ inches wide with a minimum length of 10 inches and a maximum length of 60 inches.

Affordable yet sophisticated, this collection features a mix of beautiful textures. Opt for a smooth and traditional look or choose from a variety of wire brushed, textured finishes. No matter which product you select, know that it’s one of a kind — since there are no repeated designs in engineered hardwood, each piece is truly unique.

In addition, all products in the Nurtured engineered wood flooring collection are easy to maintain and also feature a high-performance UV coating with an oxidized finish that results in smooth texture, low gloss levels and lasting durability.

When it comes to installation, choose from floating, glue down or staple methods.

In terms of maintenance, all engineered hardwood products are easy to care for: Clean by sweeping, dust mopping or vacuuming and use hardwood and laminate floor cleaner as needed. Please do not clean your engineered hardwood with water or steam, as it may permanently damage the floor and may void your product’s warranty.

A Versatile Solution for Your Next Project

The beauty of Nurtured is that the collection is suited for most spaces and industries. Add high-end style to offices and healthcare lobbies with natural, elegant white oak or bring elevated country chic to education common areas and multi-family homes with tones of hickory or red oak.

Nurtured is also the perfect choice for practically any retail space. From luxury boutiques and department stores to traditional brick-and-mortar shops and creative consumer spaces, the products in this collection will complement all types of bright colors, neutrals and traditional tones — no matter your project.

Sustainable Products Designed to Last

All of Parterre’s new Nurtured products are FloorScore® certified. This is a certification program that tests hard surface flooring and adhesive products for compliance with indoor air quality emissions.

Parterre is an active member of the U.S. Green Building Council and the National Wood Flooring Association.

The products are also compliant with the U.S. Lacey Act, which is a conservation law that prohibits illegal practices when it comes to wildlife, fish and plants. They are also compliant with CARB Phase II, a California-based act that focuses on wood products and sustainability.

Parterre products may also be eligible for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) credits.

Request samples of Parterre’s new Nurtured Collection, or contact our flooring specialists to learn more about our engineered hardwood products.