What is Rigid Core Click LVT?

As developments with luxury vinyl continue to evolve, more resilient flooring product types become available that are designed to ease the installation process.

One LVT product type, of course, is the standard dryback luxury vinyl, which is installed with an adhesive. There are then multiple LVT options that fall under the floating flooring umbrella, which relates to products that involve little to no adhesive and products that can be installed directly over the subfloor or using a cushion or vapor backing system. Each LVT product type has its own set of benefits.

Sought after for its ease of installation, Rigid Core Click is a floating flooring product that is growing in popularity in the commercial and multi-family markets.

Parterre’s 5mm Rigid Core Click

Rigid Core Click differs from traditional dryback luxury vinyl particularly with how it is installed and what it is comprised of. There are two aspects of Rigid Core Click that make it unique – one being its rigid core composition and the other being its click installation format.

Parterre’s 5mm Rigid Core Click is an SPC product (Stone Plastic Composite), which is comprised of mainly calcium carbonate (limestone), polyvinyl chloride and phthalate-free plasticizers. Parterre’s 5mm Rigid Core Click also includes an attached 1mm IXPE acoustic backing for an overall thickness of 6mm, and beveled edges.

The click installation format is what sets Rigid Core Click apart from other flooring types, allowing for a quick and easy installation process, essentially angling and snapping into place without the use of an adhesive. Parterre’s 5mm Rigid Core Click in particular uses Uniclic® technology that offers a strong tongue-and-groove system and seamless joint features.

Where to Install Rigid Core Click?

Without an adhesive required, Rigid Core Click is an easy-to-install product that saves time and money in the long run. Because of its installation process, Parterre’s 5mm Rigid Core Click is ideal for multi-family spaces or light commercial environments.

Especially fitting for multi-family spaces like individual units within apartment complexes where spills in the kitchen or bathroom are constant, Parterre’s 5mm Rigid Core Click is easy to clean with minimal maintenance. It requires basic cleaning methods like sweeping or mopping using a two-bucket system. And as long as spills are properly cleaned in a reasonable amount of time, topical moisture is not a concern.

Parterre’s Rigid Core Click is also ideal for spaces that are mindful of acoustics. Parterre’s 5mm Rigid Core Click has been IIC (Impact Insulation Class) tested which, through a rating system, measures the impact of noise between a floor and ceiling in a space. The higher the IIC rating a product receives, the more sound reduction qualities it has. Parterre’s 5mm Rigid Core Click (with added acoustic backing) has a rating of 68, which is higher than the average IIC rating for other rigid core products in the industry. Luxury vinyl offers more sound reduction qualities especially when compared to hard flooring surfaces like concrete (with no underlayment), which has an average IIC rating of 28-35.

Offered in 12 wood looks (in a 7″ x 47.75″ plank size) from contemporary or distressed woods to traditional wood species, the 5mm Rigid Core Click designs from Parterre were chosen to stand on their own or to be paired together for unique mix and match installations. These designs were also chosen with the resimercial trend in mind, opting for a selection of warm and inviting wood looks.

Parterre’s 5mm Rigid Core Click has the quality of craftsmanship that Parterre is known for with an ultra-clear, high-performance wear layer that is easy to maintain and has a resistance to staining and scuffing.

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