You’re considering vinyl flooring for your next project. But with so many kinds and qualities of LVT available, making the right choice is difficult and time consuming. Is it the best flooring solution for your project in terms of performance, look and price? How does LVT stand up to laminate, hardwood and other popular flooring choices? If LVT is for your project, which type should you choose? Your reputation depends not only on excellent design, but also on the quality of material.

In this complimentary guide to vinyl flooring, we explore the questions you need answered to make an educated and confident flooring decision that you can stand by.

  • The history of vinyl flooring & development of LVT
  • LVT vs. laminate
  • LVT vs. ceramic
  • Installation
  • How to identify quality vinyl flooring
  • LVT vs. hardwood
  • Plank and tile vs. sheet vinyl
  • Maintenance