Sandra Drake

Vice President of Sales

With over 20 years of commercial LVT experience, Sandra has worked in Business Development for the Healthcare, Government and Education Segments of a large flooring manufacturer. Moving into a role as Senior Director of commercial LVT product development and sourcing, working directly for the SVP of Commercial Hardsurface. Sandra also has worked with companies to develop new LVT product lines and unique patterns with designers.

Sandra is certified with Speak Easy and Dale Carnegie and a member of IIDA, ASHE/AHA, RFCI, and NEWH.

Chevron and Herringbone

Break the Pattern of Commercial Flooring You can add more flair to your commercial flooring by breaking from the look of traditional straight-line, square, and diagonal patterns. Eye-catching looks like chevron and herringbone will dot the designer landscape in 2024.

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Introducing Our New LVT Offering: Ascendant

Bringing a historical design to your next commercial project Ascendant, Parterre’s newest LVT offering, features a selection of timeless wood grain products designed to create artistic and classic herringbone and chevron patterns.

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Flooring Acoustics & LVT for Noise Reduction

When we think about interior design, we often think of the visuals — the color scheme, the décor, and the layout of the space. However, one vital, but often forgotten element that also plays a very important role in design is sound.

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Benefits of LVT for Lobby Design

You only get one chance to make a first impression. In most commercial flooring settings – whether it be healthcare, hospitality, education, or even retail – the first area people encounter is the lobby.

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5mm Loose Lay Collection Welcomes 8 New US Manufactured QuickTrack Products

One of Parterre’s most popular collections, 5mm Loose Lay, is receiving a refresh with the addition of QuickTrack, a product collection aimed at help you finish projects in record time.

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Why Luxury Vinyl is the Best Flooring

Selecting the best flooring for your rental property

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Case Study: Trades Mill

200-Year-Old Carriage Mill Reinvented with Parterre Flooring…

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10 Multi-Family Design Trends to Watch in 2022

Discover the 2022 multi-family design trends.

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Corporate Office Interior Design Trends [2022]

Learn more about office industry design trends in 2022.

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Why LVT and Engineered Hardwood are a First-Class Choice for Airport Flooring

An airport renovation or design is a massive undertaking with square-footage in the thousands and people who use it in the millions. While most airport visitors are just passing through, the space also serves as a welcome center for each city and region.

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How to Clean & Maintain Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Get answers to 5 common cleaning questions, plus helpful tips.

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High Traffic Commercial Flooring Handbook

Selecting flooring for areas with heavy foot traffic

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