Roche FitzGerald

Roche FitzGerald, Lead Product Designer for Parterre, is a second-generation artisitc giant in the flooring industry developing an appreciation for art and physical composition from his father, who was also an artist and leader in surface design.

“The mindset I have when creating art is that accidents are beautiful, which is something my father instilled in me,” said Roche. “There is an allure to discovering organic textures, patterns, and colors.”

A true artist at heart, Roche shapes designs from his own paintings or the inspirations of daily life. In the early 2000s, while other companies were turning to their manufacturers for options, Roche led the way in producing original flooring designs earning multiple industry awards and recognition for his luxury vinyl designs.

Case Study: Elm Street Taproom

Explore a recent project that featured Parterre luxury vinyl flooring.

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Parterre Designer Conversation Series: Jennifer Countryman

Meet Jennifer Countryman, Principal and President at MNK Architects.

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Discover the new healthcare design trends in 2022.

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Parterre Designer Conversation Series: Jennifer Wilcynski

Meet Jennifer Wilcynski, Senior Interior Designer at Orcutt | Winslow.

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If you’re comparing LVT vs. VCT, the following guide will help.

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Parterre Designer Conversation Series: Megan Hayes

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2022 Hotel Industry Design Trends

As the travel and hospitality industries rebound in 2022, keeping up with the latest designs trend is more important than ever. Now, hotels must look to not only differentiate themselves from the competition but also attract customers in a safe and welcoming way — and everything is fair game.

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Sweet Mia Nail Spa: The First Non-Toxic Nail Spa in Oklahoma

The Client Sweet Mia Nail Spa is a full-service nail salon and spa offering various nail and skin treatments. They exclusively use all natural and organic products, as they believe that “beauty should not cost your health.

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Parterre Designer Conversation Series: Necia E. Bonner

  Houston-based interior designer Necia E. Bonner has been in the industry for over 20 years, so she knows a thing or two about trends, inspiration and design.

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Watch These Top Retail Design Trends in 2022

Businesses should consider incorporating some of these emerging 2020 trends in retail store design into their spaces.

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Democracy Brewing: Bringing the European Brewhouse Feel Stateside with Parterre Flooring

The Client Democracy Brewing is a worker-owned brewery and pub founded by a former economic justice organizer turned brewer, James Razsa, and veteran brewer Jason Taggart. Razsa, Taggart and their team wanted to establish a brewery that blended old-world brewpub charm with classic Boston character.

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Parterre Designer Conversation Series: Erica Diskin

  Erica Diskin co-founded Assembly Design Studio in Boston, MA with her husband Michael approximately 10 years ago. Their work has primarily been in the hospitality industry, where they help clients revamp and reinvent their restaurant spaces to create the best experience for their customers.

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