Sweet Mia Nail Spa: The First Non-Toxic Nail Spa in Oklahoma

Sweet Mia Nail Spa: The First Non-Toxic Nail Spa in Oklahoma

The Client

Sweet Mia Nail Spa is a full-service nail salon and spa offering various nail and skin treatments. They exclusively use all natural and organic products, as they believe that “beauty should not cost your health.” Owner and founder Quynh Nguyen set out to open a new-style nail salon after her battle with thyroid cancer led her to a deeper understanding of the toxic chemicals traditionally used in the beauty industry. Nguyen’s new appreciation for natural ingredients inspired her to share her knowledge and practices with others and, with that, Sweet Mia Nail Spa was born.

To capture the calming, all-natural aesthetic she was looking for, Nguyen chose Upside Interiors LLC to design the first non-toxic spa in Oklahoma. She had seen their recent work in a local bakery and liked the feeling they created with their design.

Marcia Richards, Interior Designer and Managing Partner of Upside Interiors, was tasked with transforming the space. She had worked with Parterre before, and knew it was the right fit for the spa.

“When we first met the owner and heard what her vision was, we knew we wanted Parterre. We knew what color and style we wanted, and that would set the tone for the space,” said Richards.

The Challenge

To best capture the natural and holistic vibe of an all-natural nail salon space, Richards and her team stayed away from the traditional bold décor of nail salons they were familiar with.

“Most nail salons have gold walls, statues and bold tile patterns. For Sweet Mia, we wanted something totally different – a Scandinavian vibe with an organic, spa-like feeling.”

The space they were working with is about 1,200 square feet, so the designers had to use materials and design elements that created a larger feeling, yet still captured the coziness and comfort required of a spa. To achieve this, they knew they had to use one flooring choice throughout the spa to avoid chopping up the space.

Because Sweet Mia is a first-of-its-kind establishment, dealing with and obtaining permits from the city presented a secondary challenge for the designers. The permit delays prolonged the design and renovation processes, but Richards and her team were eventually able to put forth their design vision.

Sweet Mia Nail Spa: The First Non-Toxic Nail Spa in Oklahoma

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The Solution

The project architect originally wanted stained concrete flooring, before suggesting a competitor’s vinyl options. Having worked with Parterre extensively in the past, Richards trusted her experience and instincts that told her Parterre was the right choice for Sweet Mia.

She selected the plank design, Vertu Snowy Oak, for both its beauty and the way luxury vinyl holds up in commercial spaces.

“What I really like about the line is the color selections and the tighter linear patterns,” said Richards. “It carries a more modern look and is not trying to look like country barn wood or something it’s not.”

Snowy Oak aligned perfectly with the “Scandinavian-organic” aesthetic Nguyen and the design team were looking for. In keeping with their design palette, the Upside Interiors team accented the space with terracotta colors and woven hanging pendants. Richards also added a modern version shiplap to the walls to bring dimension to a very clean, minimalist design space. Other elements that were used to add texture include the custom quarter sawn white oak cabinets and furniture items, as well as the concrete and copper basins and the linen accents near the zero-gravity chairs.

Sweet Mia Nail Spa: The First Non-Toxic Nail Spa in Oklahoma

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Sweet Mia Nail Salon opened its doors in November 2018. The revamped space completely captured the soothing natural vibe they were striving for – there is even a hammock and live plants in the waiting area.

Richards and her team truly enjoyed designing such a unique space, taking ideas from Nguyen and turning them into reality. “The owner showed us her vision and inspiration, and we took those pictures and ideas and ran with it. It was a really fun project.”

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