Installation / Can LVT be installed in areas susceptible to topical water?

Can LVT be installed in areas susceptible to topical water?

Yes, LVT or rigid core click can be installed in areas susceptible to topical moisture including restaurants, kitchen areas and even bathrooms. In fact, luxury vinyl is naturally water resistant.

While vinyl is easily manageable against topical moisture, there are steps you can take to prevent any issues. Just make sure not to allow spills and other moisture to linger by cleaning up in a reasonable amount of time. Like most flooring solutions, vinyl is not waterproof if submerged under water — but keep in mind, this is only in the case of extreme, high-water circumstances. The vinyl itself will remain unharmed; most adhesives, however, will become compromised. Consult with your Parterre Sales Representative for adhesive options that are suitable in high moisture areas.

Another step to help shield your LVT is to place walk off mats or rugs in entranceways and in the path of potential moisture will help shield your LVT. Regularly clean your mats and rugs for best results.

Additionally, Parterre recommends following proper installation guidelines to help protect potential wet areas in restroom spaces (or other spaces prone to moisture).

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