Oxidized metal provides the foundation for Scrapyard. By combining natural patinas in both warm and cool tones, it is the accent created by the rain on forgotten treasures such as an old paint can lid, left to rust beside a fence.


The pattern of white birch and natural fibers come alive in Chit Chat with beautiful earthenware undertones.


Underground and underfoot, the earth we walk shows the imprints of many before us, the strength of concrete and granite preserve these looks throughout the ages in almost every city.


The vibrant colors are perfectly woven into the Mesa design and just like the earth, while the color looks solid from a distance; up close there are textural patterns that make it unique.

About the Designer


Parterre Product Designer, Roche FitzGerald, is a second generation, artistic giant in the flooring industry with unique ideas and part of the creative genius behind Parterre’s distinctive designs.


A transition between distressed wood and modern striations - inspired by the ornate trim of a cafe in historical Lancaster, Pennsylvania; Park Bench highlights the simple elegance we pass by everyday.

One Element Every Space Needs

One Element Every Space Needs

Designed to enhance and perform, Parterre offers a dynamic range of resilient vinyl flooring products.

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Let the Light Go On

Let the Light Go On

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