Why Elevator Flooring Should Not Be Overlooked


Passenger elevators are perhaps the most often overlooked space within a building when it comes to interior design. That doesn’t mean they should be ignored however. Aside from lobbies and hallways, elevators represent one of the first impressions people have when entering a space—no matter if it’s an apartment building, hotel, department store, corporate office space or hospital setting.

One of the best ways to enhance the aesthetic within an elevator space, in addition to flattering mirrors and decorative artwork, is selecting stylish and complimentary elevator flooring.

The Next Time You Go Up, Look Down

Believe it or not, selecting the right elevator flooring can make all the difference in the world. Dreary and boring elevator flooring will more often than not leave someone feeling exactly that – dreary and bored. Stylish elevator flooring, however, does quite the opposite—often giving off a great first (and last) impression and setting the tone for the rest of the space.

“Flooring isn’t usually something you consider when you’re installing or modernizing an elevator,” said Cory Hussey, COO and General Counsel at Stanley Elevator. “But when you think about performing elevator maintenance, you’ll want something lightweight and durable like vinyl flooring so that it’s one less thing you have to worry about.”

An Emphatic Elevator Flooring Solution

Luxury vinyl flooring is perhaps one of the most versatile elevator flooring options available today—helping those within national retail stores and shopping centers, luxury hotels, corporate headquarters, etc., achieve an aesthetic that emulates the desired design and style of the rest of a commercial space.

In addition to offering a plethora of design versatility, luxury vinyl flooring is incredibly durable and easy to maintain, thereby allowing for a seamless and uninterrupted experience—no matter the setting.

Luxury vinyl flooring is also appealing for an elevator space because of its weight. Stone flooring is often used in elevators, though it isn’t always the best option due to its heavier weight. Other popular choices for elevator flooring include carpet, as well as rubber—both of which aren’t bad options, especially in terms of weight. However luxury vinyl flooring is an ideal choice all around, not just because it’s a lightweight alternative, but also because it is easy to maintain and comes in a variety of design options.

An Elevator Flooring with Endless Design Possibilities

Elevator space doesn’t have to be boring. While a person’s experience inside an elevator is undoubtedly limited, there’s plenty of time to leave someone impressed using a variety of design tools and most importantly—an emphatic elevator flooring selection.

Luxury vinyl flooring comes in an endless amount of design options. With the ability to mix and match patterns, not to mention choose from wood and stone designs, as well as metallic surfaces and other unique finishes, luxury vinyl provides a designer the creative freedom to pursue almost any look and feel.

A Tough and Resilient Elevator Flooring Option

Passenger elevators endure an impressive amount of foot traffic, which as a result requires routine maintenance and over time can lead to occasional upkeep and/or replacement. With that being said, the continual use of shopping carts, wheelchairs and suitcases requires an elevator flooring product that is tough enough to last and easy enough to replace.

Luxury vinyl flooring allows for this minimal upkeep and easy clean up, thereby freeing up valuable maintenance dollars. Though all flooring requires maintenance, in comparison to other options, luxury vinyl flooring allows for an easier installation and replacement process—preventing the need to temporarily close an elevator for an extended period of time.

A Smooth Transition

Crossing the threshold from a lobby or waiting area to a passenger elevator cab should boast no obstacles. Forcing an elevator flooring to transition through the door frame and into another flooring solution can lead to tripping and/or difficulty pulling or pushing objects such as suitcases, wheelchairs, carts etc.

Available in 3mm, 2.5mm and 2mm, luxury vinyl flooring has a variety of thickness options. This variety in thickness allows for a smooth transition from one space to another, no matter the area you’re working with.

Parterre’s Unique Approach to Elevator Flooring

Parterre Flooring Systems’ luxury vinyl flooring is created using a heat infused technology known as the Hot Press method. This unique approach allows us to create a flooring product that’s more durable, stable and versatile than any other luxury vinyl tile product on the market today. A few ideal options for elevator flooring include:

For a modern look, consider:

  • Infrastructure — Part of our Fused Luxury Vinyl Tile collection, Infrastructure offers a modern, city-inspired stone look, as well as an unconventional linear wood design.
  • Traffic Cop — Also part of Fused, Traffic Cop is inspired by an aged leather couch in an antique store.
  • Park Bench — Fused: Park Bench features great play with warm and cool tones layered with a neutral color.

For a traditional look, consider:

  • Tivoli — Part of our Hardcore Luxury Vinyl Tile collection, Tivoli is a lavish, softer stone design that emulates the look of travertine, a material found in the quarries of Italy.
  • Deco — Also a part of our HardCore collection, Deco boasts a strong, directional design and palette of cool and warm neutrals that is ideal for a retail or hospitality setting.

For a standard classic wood look, consider:

  • InGrained Resilient Plank — All of the options found in our InGrained Resilient Plank collection reflect the natural beauty of both traditional and exotic woods and coordinate exquisitely with other products while still offering the same durability and performance of LVT.

At Parterre, we’re committed to providing luxury vinyl flooring in a variety of design options—no matter the space. Contact us today to learn more about our elevator flooring solutions.

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