Why Luxury Vinyl is the Ideal Cafeteria Flooring Option

Cafeteria space today — whether it’s inside a corporate office space, hospital, assisted living facility, or situated in a student union building or college dormitory — is more than just a place for people to dine in a flash.

While it is essential for this space to evoke a clean and hygienic ambience, these days, cafeterias — in addition to break rooms — should also be designed with the utmost style and aesthetic in mind.

But in addition to these key attributes, today’s modern day cafeteria or break room space should also offer a comfort that perfectly mimics the natural contentment and respite only found in the home.

One of the most effective ways to achieve this desired aesthetic, besides selecting the proper décor and furnishings, is by choosing a stylish, durable and quality cafeteria flooring product. And because cafeterias and break rooms are prone to heavy foot traffic, the cafeteria flooring product you choose should be easy to clean and maintain from its everyday use.

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Cafeteria Flooring Made for Maintaining & Cleanability

Cafeteria spaces are highly prone to extensive use, and of course, your typical spills and messes, which is why an easy to clean and maintain flooring product, like luxury vinyl flooring, is crucial. Because of the natural water, scratch, stain and scuff resistance of its polyurethane coating, luxury vinyl is a relatively simple flooring product to clean and maintain. Other cafeteria flooring options require the use of polish and wax on a regular basis, which can be both time consuming and costly. Luxury vinyl, on the other hand, requires regular sweeping or dry mopping, which not only makes it easier to maintain, but also makes it less costly in comparison to the lifecycle cost of other flooring products.

And regardless of the type of flooring, damage can occur with usage of the space over time, whether it’s moving furniture or appliances. If damage does occur, it’s a simple fix with luxury vinyl—the affected tile or plank can easily be switched out with a new piece.

A Cafeteria Flooring Product Capable of Any Design Approach

Cafeteria and break room spaces within a larger facility, no matter if it’s corporate, healthcare or education, should be designed in such a way that it complements the overall interior design approach. As the most flexible and functional cafeteria flooring option available today, luxury vinyl offers an endless amount of design options and styles to choose from.

Though both popular options for cafeteria flooring, rubber and VCT do not have the same design capabilities as luxury vinyl. Because of today’s 3D printing technology, luxury vinyl can easily replicate essentially any desired look, allowing a designer the creative freedom to pursue any design they’d like within a space. Hardwood flooring for example, though popular for its natural looking design, is not a flooring material that’s suited for a cafeteria or break room due to material costs and the nature of the product in an area prone to spills or moisture. With luxury vinyl however, you have the ability to create that desired wood look that is backed with the durability of luxury vinyl, making LVT a more beneficial choice overall.

In addition to its design versatility, luxury vinyl possesses several other qualities that make it ideal for a cafeteria or break room setting.


Nuclear Energy Institute in Washington DC featuring Fused: Infrastructure
Design by: FOX Architects | Photo by: Ron Blunt

A Cafeteria Flooring Capable of Withstanding Water Penetration

In regards to moisture and spills, luxury vinyl is a non-porous flooring product, and is resistant to water, therefore preventing it from expanding or contracting. This is unlike natural surfaces, such as hardwood, that are susceptible to the impacts of moisture. In general, however, as with any flooring product, it is in good practice to clean up spills in a reasonable amount of time.

Cafeteria Flooring that Creates Comfort

Cafeterias and break rooms aren’t just for eating anymore — especially in corporate, education and healthcare settings where employees and visitors alike look to these spaces for some R&R and respite. Luxury vinyl flooring offers more comfort underfoot than your typical hard surface flooring options like ceramic, stone and other products.


Beiersdorf in Wilton, CT featuring InGrained: Lancaster Patina 11406
Design by: Perkins Eastman

Parterre’s Method to Durable Cafeteria Flooring

Parterre Flooring Systems’ luxury vinyl flooring is created using heat-infused technology known as the Hot Press method. This unique approach allows us to create a flooring product that’s more durable, stable and versatile than other luxury vinyl tile products on the market today. Not only that, the Hot Press method also provides greater clarity into the design. A few ideal design options for cafeteria flooring include:

InGrained Resilient Plank — Rustic wood looks offered in InGrained and featured in the above installations, these two designs are a unique contrast to any contemporary interior space.

Metallon – Part of our HardCore Luxury Vinyl Tile collection, Metallon is an oxdized metal look with three edgy color options.

    Infrastructure — Part of our Fused Luxury Vinyl Tile collection and featured in the installation, Nuclear Energy Institute above, Infrastructure offers a sleek, linear look in multiple color options.

    Linear Oak – Part of our Vertu Luxury Vinyl Plank collection, the sleek design of these three colors from Vertu provide a contemporary fresh look for a cafeteria or break room space.

    At Parterre, we’re committed to providing luxury vinyl flooring in a variety of design options — no matter the space. Contact us today to learn more about our cafeteria or or break room flooring solutions.

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