Design Firm Chooses Parterre Flooring for Major Tech Company Project


The Client

SevOne is a growing tech company that specializes in creating digital infrastructure management and performance monitoring software. Founded in 2005 by University of Delaware alumni, the company has grown into a burgeoning tech enterprise — which today works with customers that include seven of the world’s 13 largest banks, enterprises and other major companies. In 2015, after drawing widespread attention from investors and venture capital firms, this leading digital infrastructure management company was in need of a new home to accommodate its growth and identified an opportunity inside UDel’s Science, Technology and Advanced Research (STAR) campus. However, before moving into their new home, leaders at SevOne turned to the architecture and design firm, Mitchell Associates, to come up with a design plan for the new space. Here’s how Parterre Flooring Systems helped the team from Mitchell achieve SevOne’s vision for its new corporate office space.


© 2016 Don Pearse Photographers, Inc.


© 2016 Don Pearse Photographers, Inc.

The Challenge

Before it was purchased by the University of Delaware, the facility that now houses SevOne’s 50,000-sqaure-foot headquarters, as well as other companies, was a manufacturing plant for Chrysler — meaning the entire building and surrounding property would need to be completely remediated in order to satisfy the needs of its new tenants. The SevOne project, which required a variety of demolition work, called for the renovation of 20,000 square feet of the existing building and a new 30,000-square-foot addition. For the overall renovation, the design team from Mitchell Associates had a blank slate to work with, as all that was left from the demolition work was the shell of the existing building, few walls and gravel floor. In terms of flooring solutions, Mitchell designers planned for the space to be primarily carpet, but reserved certain areas within the two-story corporate office space for hard surface. As a modern tech company, designers envisioned incorporating contemporary flooring products that added even more sleekness to SevOne’s already stylistic approach to doing business.


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The Solution

With past successes working with Parterre, the design team at Mitchell once again relied on luxury vinyl flooring for the hard surface areas of the new corporate office space. Designers chose Parterre not only because of the resiliency its product has proven over time, but also because of the wide array of style choices available. The design strategy called for both wood and concrete-look flooring in common spaces throughout SevOne’s office space — primarily in the reception space, meeting space, game space, and dining areas on the first floor and pathways on the second floor.


In order to achieve the desired wood-look, Mitchell used luxury vinyl plank flooring from the following collection:

Aged Oak from Parterre’s Elemental Plank & Tile collection was selected because of its high quality and classic comfort. What’s more, this luxury plank product offers exceptional durability and quality performance.

In order to achieve the desired concrete-look, Mitchell used luxury vinyl tile flooring from the following collection:

Traffic Cop Meter from Parterre’s Fused Luxury Vinyl Tile collection is among five different Traffic Cop colors to choose from and was selected because it offers the look of aged leather with natural shading. This flooring product also offers a multifaceted design that looks like leather with an element of natural stone.

    Lou Rosenberg, principal at Mitchell Associates, said Parterre’s flooring allowed his design team to replicate the venerable look of the former Chrysler plant, but with a modern twist. Rosenberg said the variety of Parterre products was also refreshing, as it enabled the team to get creative with its design strategy. What’s more, the ability to acquire samples was a game changer, he said.

    “Parterre is very good with sampling, especially when we didn’t want just one plank product, we wanted to sample a wide range of products to be sure we found the right fit,” said Rosenberg.

    The project’s success, according to Rosenberg, can be attributed to the hard work of Mitchell’s team, including designer Madeline Fucile and architect John Raftery. Rosenberg also said working with Parterre Sales Representative Kelly Donia was an important part of the process.


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    Perhaps one of the most unique design elements incorporated into the SevOne corporate headquarters project is the use of a spiral steel slide between the two floors. Once presented as part of the design project, leaders at SevOne fell in love with the stainless steel slide. And since its installation, the slide has become the focal point within the modern office space — routinely enticing visitors (including the governor) to go for a ride.

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