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High Traffic Commercial Flooring Handbook

Selecting the ideal high traffic commercial flooring for your space requires both design inspiration…

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Aged Leather Directs Foot Traffic

The old becomes new again in Traffic Cop.

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What is the best LVT product for high traffic areas?

Products that are at least 3mm thick and have a 20 mil wear layer are ideal for high traffic areas.

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LVT vs. VCT: A Tale of Two Vinyl Flooring Products

Whether you’re a designer or contractor, choosing between luxury vinyl tile (LVT) or vinyl composi…

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Carpet vs. Luxury Vinyl Flooring

For the longest time the carpet vs. vinyl flooring discussion was mixed.

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A Design You Won’t Mind Getting Stuck In

Gridlock, the new multi-faceted pattern from Parterre creates a show stopping design.

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Why LVT Should Be Your Choice for Church Flooring When Designing a Religious Institution

Designing a religious institution, whether it’s the construction of a new church or renovation of …

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Luxury Vinyl: Trade Show Flooring Designed for Standing Out

Your goal for your next trade show event or showroom should be simple: invite potential clients into…

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Glue Down vs. Floating: Your Top Installation Choices for Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Selecting an LVT product to include in your next interior design project is as much about installati…

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