New Stone Designs Add Boldness and Beauty to HardCore Collection

Parterre’s HardCore Luxury Vinyl Tile collection is growing thanks to the addition of two new luxury vinyl tile stone designs — Classique and Villana.

As the perfect additions to round out the HardCore collection, the marble design of Classique and the concrete look of Villana are both inspired by Italian architecture and ancient statues. The new HardCore additions, which come in four new colors, provide a traditional stone look, but with a fresh and artistic design.

The two new designs also mean Parterre’s HardCore Luxury Vinyl Tile collection, formerly known as HardCore Resilient Tile, now offers a total of 32 luxury vinyl tile patterns and colors — bringing together distinct designs that emulate the look of natural stone and metallic finishes.

The new stone designs work well in any industry and come in a variation of 18” x 18” and 12” x 24” sizes, all in a commercial construction.

“With the popularity of stone increasing, it’s important to not only have a durable flooring option, but also an aesthetically pleasing design,” says Parterre President T. Fred Roche. “Classique and Villana deliver on both counts.”

Here’s a closer look at Parterre’s two new stone design options:


Classique — A design fit for Michelangelo.

Classique is a timeless addition to the HardCore Luxury Vinyl Tile collection. The soft, marbled pattern of Classique mirrors natural Carrara marble found in the quarries of Tuscany, which was often the material of choice used to build ancient structures and statues.

From the old world to the present, Classique’s white palette and linear, blue-gray veining make for a smooth design that is ideal to accentuate today’s colors and accents.

Classique is offered in its truest color, Pure, which is a white and blue/gray marble blend with a linear veining design.

“From the old world to the new world, marble is a timeless design choice,” said designer Roche Fitzgerald. “The marbled pattern works well in all industries, consistently looking fresh no matter the time that has passed or the setting.”

Classique works well in hospitality settings like hotel rooms or bathrooms, high-end retail spaces, corporate and residential settings, and is available in an 18” x 18” x 3mm size.


Villana — Artistic in Texture, yet Industrial in Its Design 

Villana luxury vinyl tile emulates a material that has often been used to construct Italy’s history, concrete. Working well in any interior environment, especially hospitality, retail and corporate, Villana is cultured concrete with its textured pattern and neutral yet distinct natural and stained concrete color options.

Villana is available in three colors to resemble stained concrete: Stone, Espresso and Umber.

“The look of stained concrete is becoming increasingly popular, but designers are turning away from actual concrete for its minimal flexibility and lack of comfort in commercial settings. LVT is an ideal flooring option,” said Parterre President T. Fred Roche. “With Villana, you get the look of stained concrete, but the practicality of luxury vinyl.”

These new stone flooring designs work well in any interior environment, especially hospitality, retail and corporate settings. They are available in a 12” x 24” x 3mm size, in a commercial construction.

Learn More About Parterre’s Latest Flooring Designs

The new flooring designs, along with the current products in the HardCore collection, were created using a heat-infused technology known as the hot press method.

Like all of Parterre’s luxury vinyl tile products, HardCore flooring features an ultra-clear, high-performance wear layer that is easy to maintain. The result is a beautiful floor that is timeless, classic and far more resilient.

To learn more or to request samples of Parterre’s new HardCore collection, contact us.

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