NeoCon 2016: Top Interior Design Trends for Today’s Corporate Office Setting

NeoCon 2016 was once again nothing short of amazing — both in terms of the inspiration it provoked and because of the incredible amount of insight it provided into the latest interior design trends and industry fads.

As a spectator of this year’s major industry event, the team at Parterre once again walked away with knowledge on what people are talking about within the industry, as well as which design trends are gaining in popularity.

While the overarching theme from NeoCon 2016 involved calming, comforting and collaborative design attributes, flashes of eccentricity and energy could be found intermingled throughout. The following are just some of the interior design trends and tidbits of inspirations that caught our eye at NeoCon 2016. Enjoy!

An Innovative and Inviting Approach to Office Furnishings

The corporate work environment is all about collaboration — and these days it appears the furnishings found within these workspaces are beginning to reflect this trend.

Thanks to the addition of stylish seating areas and interchangeable furnishings, the typical silo approach to business is replaced by a teamwork-centric style. For example, what once may have been a wide open area within an office space is now being transformed into a collaborative work environment. Examples of this collaborative approach to office furnishings could be found all throughout NeoCon 2016.

Best of NeoCon 2016

Is this a jungle gym or an innovative approach to creating collaborative workspace? Instead of reorganizing standard office furniture to create a makeshift workspace, this design from BuzziSpace takes what was once a wide open section of corporate office space and turns it into a creative and collaborative work environment.

Best of NeoCon 2016

Another great example of collaborative workspace involves cubicles and pods like this one from KI where seating, combined with side tables and a wraparound wall feature, creates the ultimate in quiet group work areas.

Best of NeoCon 2016

Stylish wall treatments like this one from BuzziSpace can be the perfect addition to collaborative work areas because not only do they serve as focal point in terms of design, but these sound absorption panels also help reduce noise commonly found in a busy workspace.

Soothing and Subtle, Yet Loud and Luminous

Neutral color treatments and subtle soft linens are common within corporate office space because they can help strike a careful and subtle balance of the comfort found at home and the professionalism found at work. However, today’s approach within corporate interior design calls for the addition of a few pops of color in order to incorporate a little bit of energy and eccentricity within a space.

This soothing yet luminous approach was evident from the many beautifully finished table and desktops, as well as soft linen fabric furnishings decorated using geometric patterns and plaids found throughout NeoCon 2016.

From a distance, this contemporary chair design, Always, from naughtone appears to be an off-white color, however upon closer inspection is carefully designed using a bright orange geometric approach.

What do you get when you take a classic white side table and add a bright green ottoman along with colorful, yet contrasting linear patterned textiles on the associated walls? You get an incredibly decorative and vibrant workspace concept like this one from Knoll.


A wood plank wall covering design, accompanied by a neutral tone fabric couch and accent throw pillows in brilliant colors and patterns makes this carefully designed interior concept from AIS a welcoming, yet exuberant common space in a corporate office setting.

The Everlasting Look of Wood

Wood, it seems, is always a popular design choice within an office setting. However, this classic treatment appears even more prevalent in today’s approach to corporate office design.

The natural wood look prevalent throughout NeoCon 2016 goes hand in hand with the overall desire within the design industry to create a softened, yet industrial look within a workspace. While the more rustic and distressed look is still prominent, the look of wood and concrete combined with smooth and contemporary furnishings helps create a more clean-lined design approach.

This wood tabletop desk design from DeskMakers is simple, yet stylish — two very important attributes to have in the more modern corporate work environments.

There’s No Such Thing as Too Many Textures

Interior designers today are not afraid of too many textures — as evidenced by the numerous contrasting textures on display at NeoCon 2016.

This creative design approach involves taking two very different textures and interplaying them in order to create a dynamic design that keeps things interesting. Contrasting textures involved things like shag carpeting used on top of other flooring products, as well as the use of drastically different accessories like throw pillows, wall coverings and even lighting accessories.

There’s a lot going on in the above photo and that’s the beauty of it. This design concept, courtesy of West Elm, involves a mixture of elements and textiles, not to mention overlapping heights of furniture, to create a truly dynamic space.

By incorporating the various color and textures pictured above, Luna has created an eclectic mixture of textiles ideal for a creative and stylishly chaotic design approach.

NeoCon 2016 was surely one of a kind. The breadth of innovative interior design trends was at once overwhelming and inspiring. We look forward to taking what we’ve learned at this year’s show and using it to complement our already robust office flooring ideas.

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View the gallery below for more inspiration and trends from NeoCon 2016:



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