Top 5 Design Trends from BDNY 2016

This year’s Boutique Design New York (BDNY) was once again the place to be as thousands of hospitality design industry professionals packed the Javits Center in New York City to get insight and interior design inspiration for their future projects.

From luxury flooring and furnishings to stylish textiles and lighting, BNDY 2016 featured an exciting array of design elements ideal for any desired aesthetic.

In addition to showcasing the latest in our luxury vinyl flooring products, Parterre was on hand to see what other interior design vendors and furnishing supply companies had on display.

The following is a list of the top BDNY trends of 2016:

1. An Opulent Outlook

The overall sense of opulence was readily apparent all throughout BDNY 2016. Unlike years past, where rustic and industrial dominated discussion, this year’s show featured several displays dedicated to all out luxury — most notably in the form of rich fabrics and color tones, as well as fine finishes and lighting.

This gold plated glass bulb floor lamp layered against the lavish wall patterns, and decorative mirrors featured in the booth from Arteriors is a great example of the luxuriousness on display at BDNY this year.


This display from Geometria showcased the aforementioned attention placed on opulent design by layering different textiles and accent pieces to create a visually appealing interior space.


The layering of marble and brass featured in this bathroom display from Waterworks shows the more subtle side of luxury found at BDNY.


Also on display at BDNY was Parterre’s Classique Pure, a marble-look luxury vinyl tile design that pairs well against a smooth, sleek wood design.

parterre-flooring-marble-look2. Clean Continuity

Similar to last year’s BNDY trends, clean and sleek design is continuing to remain popular — most notably in the use of floating systems designed with neutral gray tones and smooth wood designs. The use of black finishes was also a noticeable trend at BDNY this year.

This bathroom design from Hastings Tile & Bath features the award-winning Vola floating sink system complete with a clean slate wood finish.


This Brizo floating sink system showcases a faucet and mirror combination using the black finish we mentioned was once again so popular this year at BDNY.

bdny-trends-2016-brizo3. Fine Fabrics

This year’s BDNY featured a wide array of textiles in a variety of geometric shapes and textures. Whether it was a gemstone accent or a velvet texture, the many fabrics found throughout this year’s show featured the type of diverse design aesthetic that is achievable when layering styles.

This collection of fabrics from Style Library showcased the many style choices interior designers have for not only furniture and bedding, but also wall treatments.


This jewel-toned velvet couch from RH was among the many velvet fabric furnishings featured throughout BDNY this year.


This combination of a houndstooth style carpet and a clean-lined wooden accent coffee table from BERNHARDT HOSPITALITY is perhaps the best example of how to layer design style to evoke a more luxurious aesthetic.


4. Masculine is a Mainstay

Mature and masculine tones and fabrics were on display in many booths throughout BDNY. Whether it was the simple textiles or actual furnishings themselves, the masculine trend in interior design appears here to stay.

Williams-Sonoma showcased this trend in masculinity by using dark toned décor with a leather chair and gold center table.

bdny-trends-2016-williams-sonoma5. Outdoor & Organic

Outdoor space design received major attention at BDNY, as many designers focused on creating an exciting exterior setting using fun and playful pops of color. Another major trend at BDNY involved an effort to bring more outdoorsy/organic elements into the interior design approach using elemental accents like faux plants and flowers.

This arrangement from LDF Silk exudes an organic and airy aesthetic not commonly found in interior space.


Simple yet powerful, this outdoor seating and table from Vlaemynck stands out amongst the more traditional outdoor furniture thanks to its eccentric pop of color.


Always on the lookout for new interior design trends, particularly in flooring, we thoroughly enjoyed the massive amount of inspiration we found at BDNY this year. We love discovering the right flooring designs to fit with your creative vision. Contact us today to get the conversation going on how our luxury vinyl tile and plank flooring can compliment the artistic vision of your next project.

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