The Benefits of Using LVT for Lab Flooring

Several questions come to mind when considering the ideal flooring surface for a laboratory. Is it a research lab for a chemist, physicist or biologist? Is it a medical lab in a hospital or healthcare center where one might go to get blood work done? Is it a university where students are honing their skills through research and learning about their field of study in a hands-on environment?

Different types of labs will have different requirements — certain regulations to follow or rules driven by the use of chemicals or potential hazardous spills that could occur. No matter what the setting is, lab flooring will see foot traffic, heavy equipment and will typically be exposed to spills and moisture on a regular basis.

Depending on the type of laboratory being designed or renovated, there are various appropriate flooring options including sealed concrete, ceramic or even an epoxy floor coating. However, one flooring option that is suitable for certain areas of these environments and is built to last is LVT.

LVT for Laboratory Flooring

LVT has become one of the most popular flooring options for commercial industries for its versatility in design, installation and use. It’s highly durable, easy to clean and maintain, comes in a wide variety of designs, and can be used for both floor and wall applications (in most commercial settings). When it comes to laboratory flooring, those factors are all important. But the type of lab will determine the style of LVT that is most appropriate.

Labs that are more technologically centered or in spaces that are for more behavioral purposes (i.e. a psychologist using a lab to watch test subjects interact as part of an experiment) will likely be less strict in what products can be incorporated into the space, as opposed to labs with chemical or medical testing. LVT for these tech or psychologist-type labs could be chosen from a wide variety of plank and tile formats.

LVT also meets the high standards for durability and maintenance that would be required in areas within a lab setting, such as offices, common areas and hallways. Labs must be constantly cleaned and sanitized, and LVT is both easy to clean and naturally resistant to water, stains, scuffing, and scratching. The variety of sizes of luxury vinyl makes it an ideal option for lab settings in healthcare and research.

Always check with research or medical guidelines and standards to ensure that a specific type of flooring isn’t required in the lab space. If there aren’t specifically-outlined rules, LVT has many durable and moisture-resistant properties that work well for lab flooring.

Parterre Luxury Vinyl Flooring for Labs

State of Georgia Department of Human Services, Gwinnett County | Designer: CGLS Architects | Photo: Fred Gerlich

Benefits of LVT for Lab Flooring

LVT is an ideal fit for various areas of labs, as it’s not only durable but it’s also aesthetically pleasing. While there may not be excessive foot traffic in laboratories, there will likely be rolling carts of heavy machinery, chemicals and samples, that all must be transported smoothly and efficiently. This means the floor can’t deteriorate or wear down over time from heavy use, one of the many benefits of LVT. Other benefits of vinyl lab flooring include:

  • Extensive selection of design options that can mirror the look of other flooring products that are not well-suited for laboratories (hardwood, carpet, etc.)
  • More sound absorbent and comfortable underfoot in comparison to other hard surface flooring solutions
  • Easy to clean with regular sweeping and mopping using a two-bucket system (though keep in mind that depending on the lab type, there may be additional and more critical cleaning regulations to follow)
  • Easy maintenance and, if ever needed, an individual plank or tile can be replaced with minimal disruption

Labs aren’t all beakers, vials and chemical reactions – they also include more traditional workspaces where scientists, students or others research, collaborate and study their findings. LVT is an excellent choice for these spaces, as it has been a popular choice for other settings such as:

  • Office/administrative spaces
  • Lobby or reception areas
  • Restrooms
  • Hallways

Parterre has been supplying LVT for commercial design projects of all shapes and sizes, including for lab settings in healthcare and education. If you would like to inquire about LVT for your lab flooring project, reach out to our team.

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