Luxury vinyl flooring is one of the most superior commercial flooring solutions on the market today — offering unparalleled design and industry-leading durability to architects and designers across many industries. This 43 page eBook provides an industry-by-industry breakdown of the world of luxury vinyl flooring, explaining its benefits, as well as where its application makes the most sense within the following industries: hospitality, retail, corporate, healthcare, senior centers, multi-family, and education.

This eBook will help you understand:

  • Where and why luxury vinyl flooring makes the most sense within a hotel or restaurant setting.
  • Why luxury vinyl flooring works well in retail areas like supermarkets or department stores.
  • Why luxury vinyl flooring design is a dependable flooring solution within corporate and office settings.
  • How healthcare facilities, such as senior centers, medical offices and hospitals, depend upon the durability of luxury vinyl flooring for common areas and hallways.
  • Why luxury vinyl flooring design contributes to the overall feel and function in apartments and condominiums.
  • How inspiration plays a factor in luxury vinyl flooring design within a school setting.
  • Which industry leaders are relying on the versatility of luxury vinyl flooring today. (Hint: T.J. Maxx, State Farm, Comcast, Whole Foods, etc.)