Find Flooring that Reflects Your Entire Healthcare Facility

Sandra Drake, Vice President of Sales
Designed by: Polkinghorn Group Architects | Photo by: Thomas McConnell LLC.

Designed by: Polkinghorn Group Architects | Photo by: Thomas McConnell LLC.

Healthcare facilities, like hospitals, need to think carefully about what they put on the floors of a lobby since it’s the first thing that a patient will see, and will set the tone for the entire patient experience. At Parterre, we know that selecting a floor for a space is one of the most important decisions you can make. With healthcare being one of the fastest growing sectors in the country, more and more facilities are being built. As designers and architects of such facilities, it’s good to keep in mind that the success of the healthcare spaces you create will depend in part on the materials chosen for the job — and it all starts with the hospital lobby design.

Choosing a safe, comfortable and quality flooring option for a healthcare lobby is an important part of hospital lobby design.

Factors to consider when choosing a flooring material for healthcare and hospital lobbies:

First Impressions

It bears repeating that the lobby is likely the first impression for any potential patient. A lobby that is clean, well lit, soft, and embracing will set the tone for a comforting experience. The aesthetics of a lobby can be a key differentiator in this very competitive field.

There’s been a trend in the major medical centers to look at the facility as a ‘distinctifier’ for patients, as an opportunity to solidify their brand identity in healthcare… Depending on what is going on with them, most patients are a little anxious, and we do a lot to try to subtly relieve stress via the lobby,

— Kate Wendt, IIDA, Director of Interior Design and Associate Principal at Tsoi/Kobus and Associates in Building Design + Construction

Healthcare Flooring

It’s undeniable that the way a lobby looks will factor into how a patient perceives their entire experience. A recent study in Healthcare Design found that when clinical care is comparable, patients perceive care to be superior in newly constructed facilities.


In addition to the many practical reasons to choose engineered hardwood or LVT in your client’s hospital lobby, design is one of the things that sets Parterre’s flooring apart. Our durable LVT designs are inspired by nature’s canvas, with the look of rich wood or beautiful stone. Engineered hardwood offers the same durability as LVT in a natural, textured material. Both are ideal for healthcare settings. With Parterre’s engineered hardwood or LVT products you can have flooring that combines beautiful aesthetics and artful design with high performance.


Our focus was on creating a peaceful and inviting environment since evidence shows it allows for faster healing for patients and reduced stress for employees. Parterre flooring offered a very soothing feel, and the soft khaki greens of the stone tile provided a natural look that’s similar to the incredible views seen from the hospital windows.”

– Sarah Rash, Lead Designer, Carilion Design Group

Patient Flow

Flooring can be an effective way to guide patients through an efficient check-in process. Flooring design can complement the “patient flow” from entryway to kiosk or other check-in areas in a “smart hospital” design where floor aids in a visual “flow” from entry to check-in to elevators or stairways. The kiosks, or check-in desks, are a central focal point, and open staff workstations are nearby for ease of assistance, should any be required. This ensures maximum efficiency while maintaining open walkways.


Choosing a floor that performs well is very important in healthcare applications. From smooth and effortless wheelchair operation to handling the high foot traffic of a busy facility or practice, high-performance flooring will hold up for many years of use. For example, Parterre offers wide range of LVT collections to choose from, backed by up to a 20-year commercial warranty, as well as durable engineered hardwood products that blend strength and resiliency with classic beauty and sophistication.


Make sure you also consider the health of the flooring itself. Yes, even flooring has health and it refers to cleanliness and resilience, just as is it does to individual people. LVT as well as resilient sheet flooring and high-quality engineered hardwood are easy to clean. From spills to dirt being tracked in from outside, LVT and hardwood can simply be wiped down. In addition, there are no grout lines to welcome bacteria growth, leading to a cleaner and healthier environment.

To spark more ideas for your hospital lobby flooring design, browse our inspiration galleries, or contact us directly.