The Hottest Trends in Commercial Flooring

Table of Contents

  1. Resimercial Design
  2. Coordinating Walls/Colors
  3. Flooring with a Colorful Twist
  4. Plenty of Patterns & Shapes
  5. Textures & Graining
  6. Mixed Plank Designs

Trends in commercial flooring design are always changing and evolving. New materials and color palettes are introduced and designers try unique finishes, all altering the landscape of interior design. Regardless of the setting, commercial flooring must meet two criteria – they must be durable, and they must be resistant to moisture.

Even as 2019 begins, we are already seeing creative ways to marry creativity with durability in commercial flooring design. There is also the continuing popularity of “comfortable” elements; colors and patterns are getting more and more unique; and designers are pushing the envelope when it comes to mixed materials and color coordination. One way to capture all of these elements is with luxury vinyl flooring and surface products.

The following commercial flooring trends are all on the rise this year, so be on the lookout for cutting edge spaces incorporating these design elements:

1. Resimercial Design — Today’s commercial flooring trends are all about comfort — no matter where you go. Whether it’s a hospital, hotel, supermarket, clothing store, or corporate office space, today’s top interior designers are incorporating flooring products that exude a warm and welcoming aesthetic in all commercial spaces.

This emerging trend has grown so popular in the commercial design industry that it’s even earned its own industry term — Resimercial, the idea of taking the comforting and inviting elements of residential design and using them in a commercial space, particularly with office design.

Either through the use of wood tones or a mixing and matching of patterns or products, today’s commercial flooring choices are carefully selected as part of a larger interior design approach— one that is focused on familiarity, and the creation of a welcoming and home-like environment.

2. Coordinating Walls/Floors — Designers are no longer using flooring products just for floors. Interior wall space has also become a canvas for creativity, as we’ve started seeing the use of luxury vinyl flooring to create accent walls.

Whether you want to pair a concrete floor with a grey linear wood look accent wall, or you’re looking for a more rustic aesthetic through the use of coordinating planks along the walls and on the floors, luxury vinyl has become the go-to flooring product for this design approach. Not only does Parterre have a variety of design options ideal for wall applications, we recently released a 2mm collection with designs intended and Class A fire rated for wall installations.

3. Flooring with a Colorful Twist — Many designers have begun to incorporate color into their flooring designs as accents, using pops of bright colors alongside neutrals for example. Not only does incorporating colorful luxury vinyl flooring allow you to get creative with your design, luxury vinyl also works well for wayfinding and defining distinct areas within a space.

Hospitals today are using coordinating accent colors on floors to distinguish pathways, as well as to define separate areas/floors in a building. Similarly, companies are incorporating colors into design as part of their branding efforts. And while traditional flooring products like carpet can be used, luxury vinyl flooring is ideal because of its rich variety of designs and color options.

Check out our Studio collection for its selection of luxury vinyl colors.

4. Plenty of Patterns and Shapes — This commercial flooring trend is everywhere. Similar to adding color, using patterns and shapes in your flooring design adds intrigue, as well as dimension, to a space.

Designers are embracing this trend by creating fun patterns that add new layers of texture within an interior design project. Herringbone patterns in particular are often incorporated into flooring designs, along with chevron and basket weave patterns. Not only that but choosing multiple plank designs and arranging them diagonally or in other unique ways is becoming increasingly popular. Triangular shapes as well are also being used in flooring design to create a unique space.

Luxury vinyl flooring is a great option for these design approaches as it provides endless design options and enables you to create patterns that you otherwise couldn’t with carpet or traditional hardwood, and also gives you the durability those materials cannot. In a commercial setting, hardwood and carpet can be easily damaged by water and heavy foot-traffic – LVT is designed to withstand both, all while offering aesthetically pleasing designs.

5. Textures and Graining —

One of the best ways to create a home-like feeling in a commercial setting is to select a flooring design with soft textures or abstract graining — both design elements known to soften a space.

Many designers today are using luxury vinyl plank designs with a softer, brushed look to them. This can make the wood species hard to distinguish, offering a delicate, more artful design. And while hardwood flooring products work well in providing warmth, luxury vinyl flooring offers a variety of options for any texture or woodgrain look you need.

Another growing trend with luxury vinyl plank is multi-tone designs. Whether it’s cool tones of grey or blue, or red or taupe selections, some luxury vinyl products offer contrasting tones within one flooring design that add dimension to the flooring installation.

For luxury vinyl flooring options that mirror these design approaches, check out our Vertu collection.

6. Mixed Plank Designs — Mixing different luxury vinyl plank flooring products allows you to blend various designs together to enhance any space. No matter if you’re looking for a rustic look or a more linear wood design, mixing dark planks with light planks or different wood species together is a way to further enhance a flooring design.

With hundreds of styles, designs, patterns, textures, and colors, luxury vinyl flooring gives you nearly limitless possibilities that work well for this flooring trend. Mixing different width sizes of plank flooring products is also a newer trend that’s been seen in some commercial designs more recently.

No matter what trend you’re following, or creating, LVT gives you unparalled design options with the durability that other materials can’t. At Parterre, our hundreds of design options are naturally water, scratch, stain, and scuff resistant, and authentically mirror the look of wood, stone, tile, and other finishes. If you would like to discuss more flooring trends, designs, and options — contact us about your upcoming project. We have a passion for helping designers bring ideas from concept to reality.

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