9 Vinyl Flooring Patterns for Your Next Design Project

Selecting the perfect vinyl flooring or wall design for your space is only part of the design process. Whether you’ve settled on a wood-look or an abstract design, the LVT pattern you choose is where the real artistry comes to life.

There are many varieties of flooring patterns you can utilize – each creating a vastly different look and feel in your space. You may have planned to install marbled tile look in a classic offset pattern, only to discover that the weave pattern is a better choice to achieve you the design aesthetic you envisioned.

Parterre’s variety of luxury vinyl planks and tiles can be installed in an array of flooring patterns without the need for any special cuts, but it is important to understand what each style means as you are designing your next space.



Also referred to as stack bond, this is a flooring pattern arrangement with all vertical and horizontal points continuously aligned. A grid pattern is a universal pattern that is fitting for planks as well as square and rectangular tiles.


Another universal pattern for both planks and tiles, the offset pattern (also known as running bond), is offset by half the width of the plank or tile. This is traditionally done with rectangular tiles, though a variation can be done with planks for a more contemporary feel.


This pattern is an arrangement of tiles or planks on alternating sides of a centerline. This vinyl flooring pattern is also ideal for two- or three-color variations.


This is an offset pattern set on a 45-degree angle for either tiles or planks. Though a slight variation from an offset pattern, a diagonal layout adds dimension and a unique perspective to a space.


This classic flooring pattern resembles fish scales and adds a level of sophistication to your design. This design is not to be confused with a chevron pattern, which requires special flooring cuts to be created. For best results, choose a plank or rectangular tile.


A weave vinyl flooring pattern (sometimes known as a basket weave) offers several woven-style variations suitable for rectangular tiles, creating the effect of movement within a defined space.


This is a variation of the grid flooring pattern, with the traditional grid pattern being offset by intervening rows. Create your own layout with a rectangular tile or even a luxury vinyl plank product.


This pattern is a vertical grid or stack using planks or rectangular tiles. Try alternating the tile direction to create a fun variation in the design.

Flemish Bond

This pattern is made from alternating rectangle and square tiles, and is ideal for one or two-color variations. Madal from our Storri Luxury Vinyl collection is a design that works well for this pattern due to its multi-sized offering of 12” x 12” and 12” x 24” tiles.


This pattern is ideal for luxury vinyl tiles where the first tile is placed in any direction, followed by quarter-turning the tile that will be placed next to it by 90 degrees. This works especially well for linear designs or designs with unique patterns like Strava (as shown below) from the Storri Luxury Vinyl collection.


A random pattern is just that, an arrangement of planks or tiles in no particular order for an aimless design. This look is versatile and can be used for one product or multiple color variations.

To best showcase your chosen flooring design in your commercial space or interior design project, you’ll need a high-quality luxury vinyl product that will withstand high traffic settings. Luxury vinyl flooring from Parterre is durable, long lasting and enhances the aesthetic for all interior spaces.

Contact us today to discuss pattern ideas or learn more about how vinyl will work for your project or space.

For a full diagram of the flooring patterns and layouts discussed above, download the PDF here.

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