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What luxury vinyl products are available?

There are multiple options available for luxury vinyl flooring, especially when it comes to installation types. The primary ones used for commercial spaces are:

  • Dryback: Also referred to as glue down, this is the most common and frequently used LVT product in commercial settings. Available in tile, plank and sheets format, dryback requires the use of an adhesive when installing.
  • Loose Lay: This variation of LVT is a thicker construction than dryback (typically 5mm thick). For smaller spaces with a width or length of the installation space is 20 feet or under, an adhesive is required around the perimeter of the area, as the remaining pieces are freely placed. If the width or length of the installation space exceeds 20 feet, the use of a grid adhesive application is required. This will allow the installation space to have a stable border when installing the planks loosely within the area. Loose Lay has a specialized backing with traction that keeps everything in place once installed.
  • Click: Though a similar composition to Dryback, Click does not require the use of an adhesive as each plank or tile clicks into place with a locking system. This provides for an easy and quick installation.
  • Rigid Core Click: This has the same installation process as click, but offers a rigid core composition, meaning the product is a thicker, more rigid construction for added durability and comfort.

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