Maintenance / What kind of cleaning products should be used?

What kind of cleaning products should be used?

While LVT is perhaps the lowest maintenance flooring option, it is not a no-maintenance flooring option. Just make sure not to allow spills to linger. There is no need for high-speed buffing as with vinyl composite tile—luxury vinyl flooring typically requires basic cleaning methods like sweeping and mopping using a two-bucket system.

While there are simple best practices for keeping your vinyl floor clean, you should always consult your floor’s manufacturer, as some types of vinyl flooring are susceptible to scuffing, discoloration and other damages due to vacuum beater bars and certain cleaning chemicals. Make sure to look for a neutral pH cleaner, as high acidity can strip the floor’s factory shine.

For complete information on Parterre luxury vinyl maintenance, refer to our General Maintenance Manual in our Resource Center.

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