Corporate Flooring 101: Tenant Fit-Ups & Company-Owned Renovations

In the world of office renovations and tenant fit-ups, corporate flooring selection is often one of the most important decisions one must make. Why you ask? Because having top-quality office flooring is crucial, both as a first impression for potential clients, and as a way of creating a comfortable environment for employees.

But when it comes to actually planning for and purchasing the right corporate flooring for a renovation or tenant fit-up project, there is no tried and true process to rely on. It’s typically done on a case-by-case basis. In some instances the flooring product is chosen at the very beginning phase when a landlord is mapping out his or her program. In others, it’s literally the last thing on the list. If you’re on the fence about which type of flooring to purchase for your renovation/fit up project, the information below will help you make a better, more informed decision.

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Add Luxury to Leased Office Space with Luxury Vinyl Tile Corporate Flooring

The rental market for commercial offices space, whether it is class A, B, C, or D type buildings, is ever changing. Companies move into new spaces all the time and for a variety of reasons—which more often than not requires some sort of tenant improvement renovation or retrofit.

If you’re in charge of the interior design of a tenant fit-up, selection of flooring most likely comes early on in a renovation project while you’re creating a revamp plan for the space. So when you’re looking at all your options, consider the following benefits of LVT for your tenant fit-up:

  • LVT fits in seamlessly with entrance/lobby areas, as well as in common corridors throughout an office building or interior corporate setting—such as conference rooms, break rooms, vending areas, reception space, and larger areas used as common workspace.
  • The cost of LVT is far less than that of marble, porcelain tile or real wood product.
  • LVT is far more durable than other flooring products.
  • LVT flooring is easy to maintain.

Corporate-Owned Space Isn’t Complete Without LVT Corporate Flooring

A building or office space owned by a company requires a vastly different approach as compared to tenant improvement projects undertaken by a landlord or a hired contractor. When it comes to corporate-owned space, value and longevity in flooring should be of utmost importance.

If you’re in charge of the interior design of a corporate-owned renovation project it’s your job to find all the right products to complete the renovation both on time, within budget and within the framework of the company’s design preferences. It’s not rare for a designer to wait until the end of the project to select certain products, like flooring, as a result of budget constraints. Luckily, LVT flooring is cost-effective and versatile, not to mention easy to install. So when you’re looking at all your options why not consider the following benefits of LVT for your corporate-owned space:

  • LVT’s durability offers long lasting value in terms of cost of ownership and ease of maintenance. Because of its durability, LVT also works well in high-foot traffic areas such as break rooms and multipurpose areas.
  • LVT coordinates well with the traditional carpet look of corporate owned spaces.
  • LVT handles acoustics with ease as a result of different underlayment options.
  • LVT stands up to the high demands of corporate use, while at the same time offering many design options for any desired corporate style.
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Corporate Flooring Choice Should Also Be About Style

In addition to making sure your corporate flooring selection is durable and easy to maintain, the style of flooring you choose for your project is equally as important. As a designer, the flooring you select should come in a range of design and color options—enough so that it makes the future users happy. If it’s company-owned space you’re scoping for, the corporate flooring you choose should reflect the company’s brand and appeal. Versatility in style is key—no matter what type of project you’re working on.

If you have reached the point within your project where you find yourself looking for a corporate flooring product that adds long-lasting value to the office space you’re designing, but is also affordable and stylish, why not take a look at luxury vinyl tile or plank. Luxury vinyl tile and plank flooring comes at a surprisingly affordable price compared to hardwood, ceramic, etc.—not to mention in a wealth of design and color options.

Parterre’s luxury vinyl corporate flooring selection is a top choice for lobby and office areas, as well as break rooms and cafeterias. Our InGrained and Vertu Luxury Vinyl Plank collections are popular choices for corporate office settings that are looking for a natural wood grain plank aesthetic. The HardCore and Fused Luxury Vinyl Tile collections are popular choices for a sophisticated or bold tile look. All of these corporate flooring options are durable and less costly to install than traditional wood or stone. Our luxury vinyl tiles and planks are also easy to install, meaning less down time and a faster completion date for your office construction or renovation project.

Contact us for more information and to learn more about our full suite of flooring applications and styles.


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