Top Qualities to Consider When Buying Commercial Bathroom Flooring

Designing a bathroom, believe it or not, is an important aspect of any commercial building project. The reason is simple: a poorly designed bathroom space — whether in a corporate office, restaurant, hotel, multi-family space or other commercial settings — can provoke an unfavorable aesthetic and therefore may send the wrong message.

Think about it: when was the last time you visited a restaurant and was turned off after seeing what the bathroom looked like? While the overall design of the bathroom space certainly plays a major role in its outward appearance, it is the durability of the flooring product itself that lends to the desired clean and refined look.

One of the best ways to create a clean and appealing aesthetic in a bathroom space is by selecting a stylish and durable commercial bathroom flooring product.

A Commercial Bathroom Flooring Option with Countless Design Options

Luxury vinyl flooring is perhaps one of the most flexible and functional restroom flooring options available today. One of the reasons is due to its design versatility.

With an endless amount of design options and styles to choose from, luxury vinyl represents the ideal flooring alternative to wood, stone, marble, porcelain and ceramic. Design versatility is essential in a commercial setting, as often times the interior design of a bathroom space is meant to complement the entire facility. The ability to mix and match patterns, not to mention choose from wood and stone designs, as well as metallic surfaces and other unique finishes, allows a designer the creative freedom to pursue almost any look and feel within the bathroom space.

In addition to its design versatility, luxury vinyl possesses several other qualities that make it ideal for a commercial bathroom setting.

An Easy to Clean Commercial Bathroom Flooring Product

Luxury vinyl flooring is easier to maintain than traditional flooring products as it requires no polish or wax, and typically requires basic cleaning methods like sweeping and mopping with a two-bucket system. In addition, luxury vinyl can be installed with or without grout lines. Choosing a no-grout installation will help to minimize the maintenance of the flooring, including cleanliness, cracking issues, and discoloration which often influences the visual appearance of the overall space.

Because of luxury vinyl’s natural water, scratch, stain, and scuff resistance, maintenance is minimal. However if ever needed, luxury vinyl flooring is also easy to repair and replace tile-by-tile.  In addition, a protective polyurethane top coat is applied to the wear layer of luxury vinyl flooring which serves as a surface barrier for most stains, unlike porcelain and ceramics.

A Restroom Flooring Solution Impervious to Water Penetration

In regards to moisture and spills, luxury vinyl is a non-porous flooring product, and is resistant to water, therefore preventing it from expanding or contracting. This is unlike natural surfaces, such as hardwood, that are susceptible to the impacts of moisture. In general however, as with any flooring product, it is important to properly clean up spills in a reasonable amount of time.

For Parterre LVT, there are also steps that can be taken during the flooring installation to help protect moisture-prone areas, like bathrooms. To learn more, read our Installation Guidelines.

A Comfortable Flooring Experience

Luxury vinyl flooring offers more comfort underfoot than your typical hard surface flooring options like ceramic, stone and other products. This cushion is especially important in commercial settings like hotels, locker rooms, and multi-family apartment buildings where comfort is an expectation.

An Affordable Floor Option

When compared to other commercial flooring products, luxury vinyl flooring is a more affordable option, not only because of the cost of the flooring, but also due to the minimal installation costs and overall lifetime value. The cost of luxury vinyl ranges between $2-5, whereas materials like wood range from $8-25 and ceramics around $4-12 per square foot.

Parterre’s Unique Approach to Bathroom Flooring

Parterre Flooring Systems’ luxury vinyl flooring is created using heat infused technology known as the Hot Press method. This unique approach allows us to create a flooring product that’s more durable, stable and versatile than other luxury vinyl tile products on the market today. A few ideal design options for commercial bathroom flooring include:

Classique Pure  — Part of our HardCore Luxury Vinyl Tile collection, Classique’s white marble design makes for a smooth and sophisticated look that is ideal to accentuate today’s colors and accents.

Infrastructure — Included as part of our Fused Luxury Vinyl Tile collection, Infrastructure’s four color choices offer a modern, city-inspired stone look, as well as a contemporary linear wood design.

Concrete — Part of our Fused Luxury Vinyl Tile collection, Concrete Coffee and Pewter both provide an edgy design with an aged texture.

Quarry Beech — Included in our Vertu Luxury Vinyl Plank collection, Quarry Beech offers a contemporary wood grain look perfect for bathroom spaces with a sleek design.

Lancaster Weathered — Part of our InGrained Resilient Plank collection, the wood-grain design of Lancaster Weathered works well to create a rustic, yet chic interior bathroom space.

At Parterre, we’re committed to providing luxury vinyl flooring in a variety of design options — no matter the space. Contact us today to learn more about our commercial bathroom flooring solutions.