Parterre’s Luxury Vinyl Flooring Featured in High-End Luxury Apartments

The Client

Summit Land Development is a successful real estate development firm responsible for numerous high-profile construction projects throughout southern New Hampshire.

The development firm’s most recent project involved two new building structures in its hometown of Dover, NH, called Pointe Place. The mixed use development project included ground-floor space for commercial tenants, as well as residential space for several high-end apartments on the remaining floors, totaling to 90,000 square feet per building and 60 units.

In planning the residential space, the development team took a unique interior design approach — one that not only matched well with the exterior aesthetic of the new building, but was also attractive to prospective tenants, of all ages and décor interest.

And because flooring is often the first impression in any residential space, the team at Summit focused attention on selecting a flooring product with versatile design options and unparalleled durability. Here’s how Parterre helped the development team achieve the desired look and feel within the high-end residential living space.


The Challenge

Like any residential design project, appealing to the potential tenant is a must — as is being mindful of cost and selecting a product that offers a comfortable, and high-end aesthetic, like wood.

Because the new development is situated within the New Hampshire Seacoast, in close proximity of Portsmouth, NH, the area has become a popular landing spot for young professionals graduating from the nearby University of New Hampshire and going on to work in the tech-rich Pease International Tradeport business park, or at the nearby Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. Additionally, the Seacoast region welcomes a large population of vacationers, and is home to many retirees.

The team at Summit was tasked with finding a flooring product that not only appealed to multiple demographics, but also could be designed in concert with the exterior of the development — a multi-surfaced facade mixing both traditional and modern elements.


Parterre Flooring Chosen for High-End Luxury Apartments

Project: Pointe Place

The Solution

Parterre’s luxury vinyl plank flooring proved to be the perfect product for Pointe Place.

“We were looking for a wood look that could stand up to the everyday use by tenants, and Parterre provided a wide selection of options to choose from,” said Chad Kageleiry, Owner of Summit Land Development and the Pointe Place project.



Upon reviewing several wood-look design options, Summit ultimately selected Parterre’s Winter Oak and Evening Oak designs, both wood-look options featured in the Vertu Luxury Vinyl Plank collection. Each wood design, a total of 50,000-square feet of flooring, was used throughout the residential space; primarily in the kitchens, living areas, entry ways, closet space and laundry room in each apartment.

The wood-look approach allowed the team at Summit to design apartments that appeal to all prospective renters. Evening Oak’s wood grain design offered a contemporary sleek look, with Winter Oak providing a more traditional and coastal wood-grain design. This approach allowed for a unique apartment design for each floor, while giving potential tenants two options on the style of their apartment.



Parterre’s luxury vinyl flooring was selected for this residential project for multiple reasons. As mentioned earlier in this case study, first impressions in residential space are incredibly important. The use of wood-look plank flooring in the entry way leading to the living room and kitchen created a contemporary yet comfortable first impression.

Another benefit of using Parterre’s flooring product was how well it handles foot traffic — especially in a residential setting. By selecting a wood-look pattern with much texture and detail, it allows for the everyday dirt brought in by tenants and pets to go unnoticed, and is also a smart option for the many “what-ifs” of residential life – naturally Summit cannot have full control of their tenant’s actions, which may result in dragging furniture across the room possibly causing any scratches.

“While we inform our tenants of how best to care for their apartment units, individual actions can sometimes be unpredictable and vinyl flooring will stand up to that,” said Kageleiry.

The durability of Parterre’s flooring was another major reason it was selected for Pointe Place. Because you cannot fully control how your tenants clean or maintain their space, selecting a durable flooring product that is able to withstand a variety of usage is crucial. Whether it’s a scuff from moving furniture or scratches from a house pet, Parterre’s luxury vinyl flooring is durable and practical to maintain and repair as needed.

These long-lasting attributes, coupled with the high-end feel of the wood-look flooring product, made Parterre the perfect partner for this major development project.

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