Introducing Our New LVT Offering: Ascendant

Sandra Drake, Vice President of Sales

Bringing a historical design to your next commercial project


Ascendant, Parterre’s newest LVT offering, features a selection of timeless wood grain products designed to create artistic and classic herringbone and chevron patterns.

Ideal for hospitality, retail, healthcare and corporate settings, these top offered designs are now available in herringbone and chevron cuts, which eliminates the need for high installation costs. These offerings also provide designers with more creativity and flexibility when it comes to commercial projects.

Parterre was inspired to create these patterns because of their rich history, which dates back to Egypt and the Roman Empire. Herringbone — named after its likeness to the bones of a herring fish — consists of rectangles or parallelograms in a repetitive pattern, whereas a chevron pattern is made up of a series of inverted Vs.

“We’re bringing history to you in a beautifully-designed, high-quality product,” said Parterre Product Designer Roche FitzGerald.

The Ascendant offering features 3mm wood grain designs in each pre-cut pattern for floor installations. Those looking for these designs in a 2mm format for wall installations will have to meet a minimum order quantity. Each pattern comes in a selection of Parterre’s most popular wood grains, including rich walnuts, mid-tone woods and a variety of maple and oak options that offer variations in tone and color.

Benefits of the Ascendant Offering

Our newest offering provides a wide variety of flexibility and versatility when it comes to creating innovative designs and patterns. Opt for traditional herringbone or chevron patterns or make your own statement by arranging the planks in a non-traditional design.

Pre-cut planks also save time and money when it comes to installation compared to traditional products. And as with the rest of Parterre’s collections, Ascendant features highly durable and resilient LVT that’s easy to maintain and clean.

Specifications and Installation

The 9 wood grain flooring designs for both chevron and herringbone patterns use the glue down installation method, also known as dryback LVT, which involves using a manufacturer recommended adhesive to adhere the back of your LVT to its base. Each individual plank is secured to the subfloor, making it the most durable and secure of all LVT flooring options.

Each chevron floor plank is 4.25” x 17” x 3mm, and each herringbone floor plank measures 4” x 24” x 3mm. The herringbone designs also feature a 0.55mm micro bevel, which is a small slope on the edge of the plank that provides more definition on the floor. The chevron designs feature a straight edge.

All products will be 3mm for floor installation only. There will be 9 designs offered in herringbone and chevron cuts for a total of 18 different options. Please connect with your flooring specialist for more information and to place an order.

Adding Interest and Texture to a Variety of Spaces

The Ascendent offering brings warmth and texture to a variety of settings in an innovative way. Perfect for retail, healthcare, hospitality and corporate, herringbone or chevron patterns can section off certain spaces, such as lobbies or waiting rooms. They can also elevate a variety of differently sized spaces both large and small.

“This offering is all about creating unique looks that can add interest to a space,” FitzGerald explained.

You can also feature herringbone and chevron designs as an eye-catching accent wall in any retail setting or coffee shop to add visual intrigue and a splash of creativity that will take any wall to the next level. To do so, inquire with a Parterre rep to learn about a 2mm custom offering.

Request samples of Parterre’s new Ascendant offering today, or contact our flooring specialists to learn more about our products.