• Hot Press Process

    Hot Press is exactly what it sounds like – applying high heat and pressure to layers fusing them together. The use of hot press is a hands-on process giving us greater quality control. The craftsmanship and artistry is worth all of the attention.

  • Authentic Photographic Film Design

    You can do more than just see the difference with our product, you can actually feel it. With the use of realistic textures, the hot press method lends greater time for the embossing plate to imprint the texture directly to tile. In return, a high quality and distinctive look every time.

  • Durable Clear Wear Layer

    When choosing flooring, the focus is on color, style and design. We pay careful attention to the selection and application of wear layer. The high temperature of the hot press allows the wear layer to preserve its clarity to assure the window to design is picture-perfect.

  • Stabilization

    Our premium vinyl flooring is created using three layers of backing. Before the layers are fused together in the hot press, each layer is rotated to create a locking system among the directional grains. The joining of layers creates a tighter bond providing a more stable product that is less prone to reshaping and resizing.

Customized Designs

Our production method allows us to tailor and make variations to our products proving that no job is out of our reach. Choose among different patterns and colors and pair with textures and embossing to create a seamless design to match your space.

Good Design is Long-Lasting

Flooring designs can live longer with Parterre. Beyond our high performance, we have the flexibility to revive designs as trends change to match existing, previously installed Parterre flooring.

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One Element Every Space Needs

One Element Every Space Needs

Designed to enhance and perform, Parterre offers a dynamic range of resilient vinyl flooring products.

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Let the Light Go On

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