5mm Loose Lay Collection Welcomes 8 New US Manufactured QuickTrack Products

Sandra Drake, Vice President of Sales

One of Parterre’s most popular collections, 5mm Loose Lay, is receiving a refresh with the addition of QuickTrack, a product collection aimed at help you finish projects in record time.

Due to increased interest in the 5mm collection, Parterre opted to create a new product that combines the traditional, warm tones from the Avara collection with the durability and sound absorption that comes with the thicker 5mm LVT.

The result is a new collection that delivers on all fronts. One of the biggest benefits of QuickTrack is how quickly you can order and receive the product, which is manufactured in the U.S. and readily available. This added benefit means that you can complete your projects faster than you may have anticipated.

The collection’s new designs are inspired by the flooring of the Lancaster Central Market in Lancaster, Penn., which was established in 1730 and is the oldest continuously running public farmers’ market in the United States.

The collection includes six wood species, including traditional walnuts, and two stone designs.


“Our walnut designs are more soft and traditional with a high-end look that’s great for multi-family spaces,” explained Parterre Product Designer Roche FitzGerald.

The new stone designs combine concrete with terrazzo, the latter of which historically includes bits of marble, granite, quartz and other material with a binding agent.

QuickTrack, which FitzGerald calls “the central market look” due to its origins, is an ideal solution for practically any space, including retail, hospitality and restaurants. But it’s an especially good choice for multi-family homes that are looking for an aesthetically pleasing, easy-to-install, sound-absorbing solution.

5mm LVT is the perfect option where acoustics are an issue. The thicker flooring solution absorbs more sound, resulting in a more relaxing and comfortable environment. 5mm LVT has become the product of choice in multi-family, hotel and hospitality spaces.

Like all of Parterre’s LVT products, the QuickTrack collection features an ultra-clear, high-performance wear layer that is easy to maintain and resists staining and scuffing. These products are extremely durable and the perfect solution for high-traffic areas.

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